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♥ This blog accepts all forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and business partnership.


Permanent/Temporary Sponsor
Company sends me one or more products to be reviewed. The products can be chosen by the Company or by myself. I will only accept products which are related to Beauty (skincare, makeup, contact lens, etc) and Fashion (outfit, hijab, accessories ,etc). I have fully right to reject any offers that I think the products will not suitable for my acne-prone skin and my blog contents also. The review of the products will be stated as sponsored post and I’m going to give my honest opinion about these products based on what I experienced. I am going to put some social media links plus detail information about The Company in my review post on my blog. The Company's banner will be put on my blog sidebar for 30 days only as appreciation of it. Unless, The Company decides to be my permanent sponsor and sends me product to be reviewed regularly. Then I will put the Company’s banner for as long as the contract is still active (for further explanation contact me by email). I will share the sponsored review post link on my twitter and fb page and I will post a photo also using your product on my instagram. Please noted that the position of the Company’s banner for Advertisement will always be placed higher than Permanent/Temporary Sponsor.

Giveaway Sponsor
Company may sponsor the items for the giveaway which I am hosting (aka The prizes for the winner). The products can be chosen by the Company or I will choose it by myself. No minimum number for the sponsor products. I will link back to the Company's site and mention its name. But The Company's banner will not be put on my blog's sidebar. However, I am going to put some To Do Lists for the participants of giveaway which are related to company as the requirements to join the giveaway, such as: Like fb page, follow twitter, follow instagram, etc.

Company who wants to advertise by putting its company logo/banner on my blog. There are 2 kinds of banner size which is available and their costs will be different.
Type A: 125x125
Type B : 200x200

The cost may be reduced depends on the periods. Minimum contract for ads banners is 1 (one) month.

Company may provide coupon for my readers for discounts or special offers. The Company’s banner will be added with coupon code before putting on my blog's sidebar. The banner will be put as long as the coupon code is still active.

Event Invitation
Company sends me an event invitation to be attended. I will make event report post for every event that I attended and link back to the Event Hosts' site and mention their name on my event-report post. But the Company's banner will not be put on my blog's sidebar.

Introduce Me! Program
Company who wants to promote its business such as: Beauty Clinic, Boutique, Restaurant, etc can contact me through email in order to help the Company making an introducing format post about its business on my blog. After that, Company invites me to visit and explain to me directly about its business place. The contents of the introducing format post will be negotiable. And then, the Company can decide to make The Company’s banner to be displayed on my blog’s sidebar or not. Of course, the extra cost will be added. And since I live in Palembang, I prefer to work with Company in Palembang only.

Please contact me through email for further information about the cost or term and condition*).
*) can be changed depends on some situations

With regards,

Tammy aka Hazeldazel 

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