♥ I write everything on my blog without using force and pressure, everything is based on my own experiences.

♥ Every product gives different result for every different person, so do not expect that the product which is good or bad on my skin condition will always give same effects to everyone.

♥ Please NOTED that I have acne prone and oily skin. I just cured from suffering terrible skin problem with acne on my face. And unfortunately, sometimes every month during my period these problems will make their "comeback" on my skin. The products which usually give good result sometimes even don't work well during my period also. It's due to hormonal issue depends on what dermatologist said.

♥ For Sample Review Post, the post is made in order to give short information to my readers, especially to anyone who has SIMILAR SKIN CONDITION to me before deciding to purchase the full size product or not. Since, I only try sample product, the information will not be so detail, but I hope it'll still give you a slight explanation regarding this product so you can take this as consideration

♥ Most of the pictures in this blog I take with my camera SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W610. I'm trying to capture the pictures as good as possible so you can see how the products look like in real life.

♥ All of the contents from this blog are copyrighted. Pictures that have been taken by me fully belong to me. And for the pictures which don't belong to me, I'm going to put the credit/source under the pictures. I'm not going to claim those pictures which are not taken by me as mine.

♥ Asking for the permission first before using any contents on my blog (including the reviews or pictures) is necessary, you don't want to be called as A Copy Cat or A Thief,right?. Especially, for those persons who love to take advantages on beauty bloggers to promote their shops illegally. No offense, everybody knows that it's absolutely not cool.

♥ I'd like to write my post in Bahasa Indonesia and English depends on my mood. I'm still on my way in learning English. So, I'm so sorry for my "cheap" writing skill in English. I'll try my best in giving the explanations to everyone.

♥ I'm so sorry to everyone who feel uncomfortable with my honest reviews. I really don't mean that way. I just wanna share my real experiences when using some beauty products. And I believe that my beloved readers of this blog have already known that the facts of every product gives different result for every different person.

 ♥ Last but not least, I'm not going to take any responsibility related to what I post here. Everything on my blog is purely to give some information related to beauty stuff to my beloved readers. So they can take the information as consideration.

With regards,


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