Monday, September 28, 2015

. . . BRP: Random Things That I Want To Purchase (September Edition) . . .

What do I love the most for now?!
Well, I believe everyone who reads my blog will know it right away. It's shown very clearly like a crystal clear. Yup, the "thing" which I love the most is related to beauty such as: Cosmetics, Makeup, Skincare. I think having another thing to be interested in is better than having the only one thing to be focused on because that's not fun. For me, my whole life would be in jeopardy(?) because everything would be about Working Life. How bored it is, right!.

Anyhoozles..... back to the topic...
You know, my life is all about internet. It influences my lifestyle. I always do "googling" whenever I want to buy something, including buying my-beauty-related-thing-that-I'm-obsessed-with. Because of the "strict" working time, I don't really have much time to spend being happy sightseeing the real store in real life (damn, it's so sad!). and for Weekend? I need more sleep, seriously. And that's how I started to have a really great relationship with internet.

Well now, I'm gonna share one of my "brand new" favorite website which I visit a lot for now. And also I'm gonna share about what kinds of product that I "pay attention" with right now.
Will you be my guest? ^_^
Let's Chiggedy-check it!

It's SammyDress: Dress for Less

(Source: HERE)

You know, what the thing which caught my eyes in the first place, Yup that's the Price.... Now, I get it what's the meaning of "SammyDress: Dress for Less".

Well after browsing the whole website menus, I was interesting in some random things here. First of all, I'm so sorry for choosing Beauty-related-thing, please blame my obsession (lol). First, let's check Beauty and Care category HERE

And here are the things that I want to buy from this website:
Silicon Nose Blackhead Remover Cleaner Finger Massager Beauty Make-up Tool

(Source: HERE)

Having Oily skin means you have to handle your skin very well or you'll get tons of blackheads and whiteheads as accessories on your face. That's why I am interested in this tool. Well, the price is wise and it's included in free shipping category product. Nice!

7012 Soft Facial Cleansing Brush Deep Clean Pore Face Washing Cleaning Brush

(Source: HERE)

I bought cleansing brush before but it's from Innisfree, and it's pricey. Well, this one is way cheaper. It's also included in free shipping category product. Anyway,I have one quick question.. what does 7012 mean? anyone can tell me? (it's so random but I'm

Mini Cushions Protects Your Skin From Friction and Pressure All Night Long

(Source: HERE)

It's a saviour for woman warriors who always wear heels (or any kinds of shoes). It's designed to reduce the pressure, rubbing and friction caused by fashion shoes. Well, it means I can solve my Heels-which-is-killing-me-softly-problem with this product. And as a big plus It's also included in free shipping category. That's cool.

FYI, you're not only can reach Sammydress in desktop style website, but also by downloading the apps in Google Play Store (Android) or Apps Store (iOS).

Okay, I think that's all for now
Thanks so much for reading my post anyway
See y'all on my next post

2 komentar:

  1. All their beauty items look so useful! And very reasonably priced :3
    I'll have to check out the site at some point!

  2. Ini macam sheinside ya, atau yang udah ganti nama jadi shein.

    Tapi denger2 kurang aman, kadang2 barang cuma datang separuh. Kualitas juga gak bagus2 banget.


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