Monday, September 28, 2015

. . . BRP: Random Things That I Want To Purchase (September Edition) . . .

What do I love the most for now?!
Well, I believe everyone who reads my blog will know it right away. It's shown very clearly like a crystal clear. Yup, the "thing" which I love the most is related to beauty such as: Cosmetics, Makeup, Skincare. I think having another thing to be interested in is better than having the only one thing to be focused on because that's not fun. For me, my whole life would be in jeopardy(?) because everything would be about Working Life. How bored it is, right!.

Anyhoozles..... back to the topic...
You know, my life is all about internet. It influences my lifestyle. I always do "googling" whenever I want to buy something, including buying my-beauty-related-thing-that-I'm-obsessed-with. Because of the "strict" working time, I don't really have much time to spend being happy sightseeing the real store in real life (damn, it's so sad!). and for Weekend? I need more sleep, seriously. And that's how I started to have a really great relationship with internet.

Well now, I'm gonna share one of my "brand new" favorite website which I visit a lot for now. And also I'm gonna share about what kinds of product that I "pay attention" with right now.
Will you be my guest? ^_^
Let's Chiggedy-check it!

It's SammyDress: Dress for Less

(Source: HERE)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

. . . Review: Benefit POREfessional License to Blot . . .

Having oily skin means you need more time to be invested to take care of your skin. Yeah.. at least, that's how I feel about having oily skin. Not only your makeup usually ruins easily, but also the aftermath like having pimples after wearing makeup because of your makeup clogs your pores (it's not a secret anymore that someone who has oily skin usually having big pores). My beloved best friend of my oily skin is Clean&Clear Oil Control Film Paper. I always use it every time whenever my face gets oily. Like more than 3 times a day.. Yeah.. that's the fact. FYI, now in Bengkulu the weather is no joke. Too hot to be true (dry season). And it means the amount of using this oil control paper increases. Like more than 5 times a day. Amazing right?

(Mempunyai kulit berminyak berarti kamu membutuhkan waktu lebih banyak untuk diinvestasikan dalam hal merawat kulitmu. Yeah.. setidaknya, itu yang aku rasakan karena memiliki kulit berminyak. Tidak hanya karena makeup yang mudah luntur, tetapi juga mengakibatkan jerawat setelah pemakaian makeup karena makeup yang menutupi pori-pori (bukan rahasia lagi kalau seseorang yang memiliki kulit berminyak biasanya memiliki pori-pori yang besar). Teman terbaik untuk kulit ku yang beminyak adalah Clean&Clear Oil Control Film Paper. Aku selalu menggunakannya setiap kali muka ku berminyak, lebih dari 3 kali sehari. Yeah.. itu faktanya. Sebagai informasi saja, sekarang di Bengkulu cuacanya sedang benar-benar panas (musim kemarau). Dan itu artinya jumlah penggunaan kertas pengontrol minyak ini pun meningkat. Lebih dari 5 kali sehari. Luar biasa kan?)

That's why, when I went to Central at Grand Indonesia East Mall, I visited Benefit counter, I was curious to know about Benefit's a new launching product "POREfessional License to Blot". I read some review posts about this product from some fellow blogger's blogs before. And I was dying to try this product. Well, if this product works wonder on me, then It will reduce amount of money which is used for re-purchasing Clean&Clear Oil Control Film Paper. It's more efficient, right?
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