Wednesday, February 25, 2015

. . . Random: I Won Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Wallet From GirlsCamera . . .

Hello everyone!
Wow.. What a bad blogger! How could I abandon this blog for almost the whole month.
Well, actually I started working this month. It took time for awhile for me to adapt to since everything was new for me. Besides, I need to prepare well before moving to the other city because of this job.

Today I'm gonna share my "Thanks God Moment"
Okay, let's see how the story went...

GirlsCamera, for once again, surprised me so much.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

. . . Review: IOPE Air Cushion XP N23 Ice Beige . . .

After postponing for such almost 3 months to publish this post, finally I can make it today. Well, This is about my current favorite face makeup product, the most favorite one!, It's IOPE Air Cushion XP N23 Ice Beige (a lovely birthday gift from my sister).
I love this cushion product so much. It's like my staple daily product to be used before going outside.

(Setelah menunda selama hampir 3 bulan untuk mempublikasikan pos ini, akhirnya bisa juga dipos hari ini. Pos kali ini adalah tentang produk favorit makeup wajah yang sedang aku gunakan, yang paling terfavorit!, produk tersebut adalah IOPE Air Cushion XP N23 Ice Beige (hadiah ulang tahun yang manis dari adikku). Aku sangat menyukai produk cushion ini. Produk ini adalah produk yang wajib aku gunakan setiap hari sebelum keluar rumah.)

Okay girls, what about Chiggedy-check it!

[아이오페] 에어쿠션 XP N23 아이스 베이지
[IOPE] Air Cushion XP N23 Ice Beige

♬ Moisturizes skin, giving a healthy glow
♬ Improves the condition of the pores for flawless skin
♬ Reduces fine lines with additional active ingredients
♬ Long-lasting without darkening side effect
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