Sunday, December 14, 2014

. . . Random: I Won Citra Korean Pink Orchid Blog Competition 2014 . . .

Okay, sebenernya pos ini sudah sebulan nangkring di draft blogspot. Jadi ceritanya gini, anyway mungkin kalian masih ingat kalau sekitar bulan July lalu aku sempet membuat review post tentang produk Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam & Moisturizer dan Citra Japanese Wakame Light-Touch White Hand Body Gel Lotion & Nutri-Serum

Dan saat itu selain melaunching produk terbaru Citra tersebut kepada masyarakat Indonesia, Pihak Citra juga mengadakan kompetisi menulis review post tentang produk Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam & Moisturizer, yang diikuti oleh banyak bloggers di Indonesia. Dan alhamdulillah aku adalah salah satu blogger yang terpilih untuk mencoba produk citra tersebut secara gratis saat itu. Setelah merasakan sendiri bagaimana hasil penggunaan produk Citra tersebut, baru aku membuat review post di blog ku berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi yang aku rasakan.

. . . Review: Yves Rocher Hydra Specific White Eye Care . . .

When talking about eye area, It's kinda hard to accept the reality how bad my dark circle problem is. And today, I'd like to share about my current eye care product. This is about Yves Rocher Hydra Specific White Eye Care.
Well, I've tried some eye care products before. Maybe some of you still remember that I've tried Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Cream also before. And in my opinion this Yves Rocher Hydra Specific White Eye Cream has similar texture with Laneige. And honestly, I love this eye cream more than Laneige. Besides that, this Yves Rocher Hydra Specific White Eye Cream has more affordable price which is a big plus.

Your eye contour beauty care
♥ Moisturizes and lightens the fragile skin around the eyes
♥ Lights up your eyes

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

. . . Review: Yves Rocher Pure Light Foundation in Beige 200 Teint Clair . . .

Hello everybody!
I'm back again with another makeup product review post. It's about Pure Light Foundation from Yves Rocher, which is claimed to give Second Skin Effect after applying on to the skin. Well, I felt in love with this product last October after trying this product at Yves Rocher Store when accompanying my friend to buy some skincare products there. Just like the name, this foundation is so light on the skin, but quite great in covering blemishes on the skin. Unfortunately, this product is pricey for me. So there's no chance for me to purchase this product at that moment. Fortunately, Thanks to Citra and Hana for giving me this product as birthday gift. And now I can try this product freely every time I want.

The foundation that lets skin breathe for more radiance. With radiance boosting Rice extract. this is Light & luminous foundation which gives second skin effect.

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