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. . . Review: Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion 4 in 1 . . .

Having acne-prone skin really makes me so frustrated sometimes. No matter how hard I've tried to take care of my skin, pimple/acne can't really stop coming over. *sigh. As the result, it's quite hard for me to find suitable skincare products for my skin.
Anyhoo, a few months ago...
One of my friends introduced me to brand named Yves Rocher. I was not really familiar with this brand before. Some of you maybe realize that I'm a big fan of Korean cosmetic brands. Because most of their products are quite great and having affordable price.
Well, let's see how well this product works on me!

Efficacy and Respect
♬ Recommended by dermatologists
♬ Oil-free formula, non-comedogenic, paraben free
♬ Key botanical: Organic Aloe Vera pulp extract, scutellaria extract, purified aphloia extract
♬ The complete 4 in 1 effect beauty care to fight the 4 signs of blemish-prone skin in one step:
★ Reduces spots and blackheads
★ Refines the skin texture
★ 8 hours mattifying effect thanks to its formula enriched in regulating scutellaria
★ Reduces residual marks

Apply it morning and night to cleansed skin

As you can see from picture above, this product doesn't contain Paraben. The concentration of Aloe Vera also quite much since Yves Rocher put it on 4th position. Unfortunately the concentration of Alcohol (3rd position) in this product is more than Aloe Vera. For you who has problem with Alcohol should stay away from this product I guess.

The greatest thing about this product is it contains both of Aloe Vera and Salicylic acid which I can say as best friends to my skin. That's why I chose to give this product a try. I loved this lotion so much. It has liquid texture (fast absorption) and also had reasonable price for 40 ml product. I could tell that my skin really loved this product.
After using this product for 2 months, I found this lotion broke me out so bad. Yeah.. seemed like I got purging phase. But I couldn't stand to see my facial skin became worst day by day so I stopped using this product right away a week later.

Just like what I've told you before, It has liquid texture which means this lotion absorbs into the skin fast. So it's okay for someone who has oily skin. Because this product doesn't leave any greasy residue after applying on to the skin.

♥ Containing Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid which are great for acne-prone skin
♥ Paraben-free
♥ Moisturizing skin without making it looks greasy
♥ Helping in reducing spot on my facial skin, but it takes time for a while longer
♥ Recommended by Dermatologists
♥ Having mild scent
♥ Having reasonable price
♥ Available locally here in Palembang, Indonesia

◆ Breaking me out
◆ Mattifying effect? I don't think so. It gives a healthy glowing finish on me


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  1. Mattifying effect itu apa ya tam??
    Tam sebenernya cara pake ini gimana si? Aku ada samplenya tapi ga ngeh cara penggunaannya. Ini pelembab ya??

    1. Iya be.. ini lotion, jadi fungsinya bisa dibilang kayak pelembab.
      Mattifying effect itu maksudnya produk ini ngasih efek hasil yang matte be. Jadi gak kasih kesan berminyak dan glowing gitu di kulit kita setelah pake produk ini.

  2. wonderful post and blog dear!! im your new follower!! i would be glad if you could visit mine and follow me too! kisses!


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