Friday, October 10, 2014

. . . Haul: Oct'14 . . .

Hello everyone!!!
First greeting in October
Sorry for the lack of post. Having such hectic daily life this month.
Well, I'm gonna start this month to talk about My Mini(?) October Cosmetic Haul.
Many of you maybe still don't know (or don't even that October is My Birthday Month. Honestly, I don't have any plans to buy any cosmetic related things this month. Ehem..still Jobseeker anyway, besides I got some cool stuffs as birthday gifts. Fortunately, they bought every single things which I've kept an eye on since very long time ago. What n coincidence! Anyway, there's no way I'm gonna spend so much my own money no matter how much I love these stuffs. In short, I'm so grateful everyone!!! lol

Let's Chiggedy-check it!

1. Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator
Well, actually this product was sent to me for the review purpose. Thank you to Ms. Felicia from PT Best Brilliant Indonesia for giving me a chance to try this amazing product. This product is basically a hair tonic. By sprinkling a generous amount of Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator onto scalp twice a day and massaging with fingertips to work in the solution, In my case, I can see quite much my hair-lose problem is reduced. What I mean is the amount of hair-lose which I used to see whenever I combed my hair was reduced. Okay, buddy.. I'll make a full review about this product later. So Wait for it, will ya?.

2. Yves Rocher Pure Light Foundation
I felt in love with this product a few weeks ago after trying this product at Yves Rocher Store when accompanying my friend to buy some skincare products there. Just like the name, this foundation is so light on the skin, but quite great in covering blemishes on the skin. On the other hand, this product is pricey for me. So there's no chance for me to purchase this product. lol. Fortunately, Thanks to Citra and Hana for giving me this product as birthday gift. Now I can try this product freely every time I want

3. Yves Rocher Raspberry Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss
I skip using lip gloss product after collecting some of lip balm products. I like Muslimah Lip Care and Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm very much, so I keep using these products regularly. Until a few weeks ago, my friend Hana gave me this lip gloss. Not as birthday gift, she just gave me because she thought I was gonna love this lip gloss. But, I haven't tried this lip gloss. So I can't really comment on this right now.

4. Wardah Exclusive Lipstick #41 Charming Red
This is another birthday gift from Citra and Hana (I know they are such sweet friends, right? *wink). They knew that I love wearing peach/orange/coral color type lipstick. That's why they gave me this lipstick with this shade. This product is great and having such an affordable price.

5. IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+/PA+++ in N23
OMG! This product has been on my wish list for almost 1 year. Since the price is so expensive, I only could dream to buy this product someday. I didn't have any idea that my cute little sister would buy this for me. Thanks so much my sister, Salsa. Anyway, In short what I can tell you about this product is the best cushion product which I've tried so far and once again I can tell price describes the quality.

6. Etude House Color My Brows #02 Light Brown
Finally, I have browcara. I decided to try light brown color browcara, because I love the color. As we know, having lighter color for eyebrows can help to achieve younger look. And the reason why I chose browcara from Etude House because the price is quite affordable, and can be easily purchased here in Palembang, Indonesia.

7. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam #5 Green Tea Fresh & Clean
Although I have had Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash and Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash, but there's time when using facial foam is needed. I can feel the obvious cleansed-feeling after using facial foam more. Since this facial foam is made for monthly using, the amount of product is not that much (only 100ml).

as an extra...
I'm gonna share some cute moment about yesterday
Well My best friends from college came yesterday to give a cute little surprise

(Thanks to: Citra, Hana, Hafiz, Febri, and Een (ehem..for the cake))

Okay, In short I can conclude that I have amazing friends around me.
Honestly, They are the big reasons why I never regret studying at faculty of computer science Unsri,lol.

I think that's all for today.
And FYI, The giveaway event of this month will be posted by the end of this week.
Thanks so much for reading and visiting my blog
I'll see y'all on my next post

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