Saturday, August 9, 2014

. . . Review: NewLook Dazzling Contact Lens in Turquoise . . .

Hello everybody!
I'm back again with contact lens review post from NewLook.
It's about NewLook Dazzling Contact Lens in Turquoise.
Well, I challenged myself to try wearing Turquoise color lens for daily
Okay, just let's get started shall we?

NewLook Dazzling Contact Lens in Turquoise
Base Curve (B.C): 8.6
Available Colors: Honey, Pink, Turqouise, Violet
Manufactured by Gelflex Australia
Diameter (DIA): 14.2
Material: PolyHema 57%, Water 43%
Lifespan: 3 Months
Prescription : 0.00 (Plano)
Price : IDR 80.000

(Source: Optik Melawai Website)

I don't find any uncomfortable feeling when wearing this contact lens. But still, I need to use eye drop product for contact lens after 5-6 hours in order to refresh my eyes from tiredness.

It makes my eyes look a little bit bigger because of the 14.2 mm and the black outer ring, but still looks normal and natural

In short, just like most of contact lenses from NewLook which I've tried so far, I like this one also. Despite having turquoise color which most of people are afraid of wearing it (obviously "blue" on the eyes), actually the result of this contact lens is quite natural though. And for the enlargement result, I can tell the enlargement result isn't that visible or you can say as natural and normal result. Moreover, This contact lens also doesn't give any uncomfortable feeling when wearing it so far.


Well, thanks for reading my review post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Hope this post will be useful and helpful to you all

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    1. Iya.. aku pernah coba yang NewLook Charm yg grey, suka sama hasilnya ^_^

  2. Hasilnya beda ya sama di posternya, tp tetep bagus sih kelihatannya dimatamu hihihi :D

    1. Iya beda hasilnya.. anyway Thank you Fairuz ^_^


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