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. . . Review: Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream . . .

Dust and pollution are not only common problem in South Korea but also for most of countries, for example Indonesia. In order to help people in handling this problem, Etude House came up with an idea of launching skin defense system products which the products will create a protective shield to protect the skin from external harmful factors such as fine dust or other contamination. This brand new collection is called Etude House Dust CUT which contains 4 products: Foam Cleanser, Facial Mist, Finish Cream, and Mask Sheet.

And today, since I've purchased [Etude House] Dust Cut Finish Cream and tried it, I'd like to share to y'all about my opinion after using this product for a while.
Well, anyway...
Let's Chiggedy-check it!

[에뛰드 하우스] 더스트 컷 피니쉬 크림
[Etude House] Dust Cut Finish Cream

This is a finish cream that protects skin from harmful environment by forming a protective outer film and providing care with its plant extract that clarify dull and exhausted skin.

(source: Ibuybeauti)

5-Free Formula:
♬ No Mineral Oil
♬ No Sulfate
♬ No Triethanolamine
♬ No Artificial Pigment
♬ No Paraben

Country of Origin: South Korea
Netto: 65 gr
Must be used within 12 months after opening

(credit 에뛰드하우스(ETUDE HOUSE))

Apply proper amount of cream at the last step of basic skincare procedure. You may use this cream solely or blend it with other moisturizer. Also, it can be used for night.

Day: Basic Skincare > Dust Cut Finish Cream > Makeup (Protect against harmful factor in the air)
Night: Cleansing > Dust Cut Mask Sheet (Optional) > Skincare > Dust Cut Finish Cream (Protect against harmful factors remaining in bedding)

I chose to give this product a try after knowing that Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream can form protective coat on skin to protect skin from external harmful factors such as fine dust, or other some contamination. Including some ingredients in makeup product which can be harmful to my facial skin or can clog the pores. I was really interested in the idea of this product of helping my facial skin to not making contact directly with makeup product which I assumed can reduce the possibility of having breakouts.

Okay, I don't have any ideas what's written on this box. Most of words are written in Hangeul.

The symbols mean: Soothing, Cleansing, and Protecting.

Anyway honestly, I expected this product could help controlling blackheads and whiteheads also which turned out to be not true. Well, I'm the one here who's expected too much. However, I was quite satisfied that at least this product didn't make my current pimples became worse.

As you can see, it was still being sealed when the first time I bought it.

It has gel texture which can be easily absorbed. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue afterwards since it's so light on the skin. I feel that it's so easy to cleanse/remove the whole makeup if we put this cream before applying makeup just like what this product claimed. But you don't need to be worried about the skincare products that you put before this cream because this finish cream only washable to tepid water. What is tepid water? It's the water which is slightly warm.

Talking about applying this finish cream during the day, unfortunately, it's a little bit tricky when applying this cream on to my oily skin. FYI, the weather in Indonesia is so hot during the day. Even before using this finish cream, my makeup doesn't really stay a whole day because of my oily skin plus the sweat that I get from hot weather. Besides, I found that what I applied as skincare products before this finish cream was important in order to make my makeup staying longer. I used to apply Holika Holika One Solution Whitening Ampoule as my daily skincare routine every day and night, that's why I also applied it on to my facial skin before applying this finish cream but it didn't work since this ampoule was too rich which made my facial skin became oilier and as the result my makeup on my T-Zone was completely removed after around 2 hours only.

After that, I tried to use toner only like Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner or Hadalabo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion directly before this finish cream but it was not good option either. It didn't help making my makeup stay longer. Until I found out that applying Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream before this finish cream was the best option. The combination of this Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream and Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream is great in making my makeup stays longer.

♥ Having 5-free formula (No Mineral Oil, No Sulfate, No Triethanolamine, No Artificial Pigment, No Paraben)
♥ Can be used during the day and night
♥ Fast absorption
♥ Doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue afterwards
♥ Helping in reducing the possibility of having breakout
♥ Doesn't irritate my skin
♥ Making the makeup can be easily removed/cleansed
♥ Having nice scent
♥ Giving my makeup looks slightly having healthy glow finish

◆ Doesn't help controlling blackheads and whiteheads
◆ A little bit tricky when using this finish cream
◆ Kinda pricey


7 komentar:

  1. I've been always a bit skeptical with this Dust Cut line. Thanks for the review :)


  2. Kalau dilihat dari Ingredient listnya aku tau sedikit, itu ternyata mengandung Trimethicone dan Dimethicone, well bagus sih untuk membentuk lapisan perlindungan ke kulit, jadi kadar kelembapan dikulit nggak gampang menguap, mungkin itu juga ya kenapa debu debu gak gampang masuk hehe nice review :D

    By the way, kalau pakai ini keringetan dan kulit lagi banyak minyak jadi lengket luntur gitu gak?

    1. Lengket luntur ini maksudnya si finishing cream nya ya bal?
      Cream ini cuma bisa luntur kalo dicuci pake air anget bal, tapi emang ada sensasi lengket di muka pas keringetan. Makanya lebih baik pake produk skincare sebelum produk ini yang jangan oil-based, jadi bisa sejalan sama cream ini

  3. hehehe awalnya aku juga tertarik sama finishing cream ini.. tapi ternyata bikin makeup gampang dibersihin yah.. aku mikirinya kalo makeup gampang dibersihin jadinya gampang luntur juga huhu.. akhirnya pass deh.. :p

    1. Iya sih. Aku pribadi sering pake finish cream ini pas malem, jadi tenang tidur gak takut kena debu2 yang nempel dibantal. Kalo untuk siang aku pakenya pas emang muka lagi "sensi" banget, tapi mau gak mau kudu pake makeup. Jangan sampe si jerawat kontak sama makeup langsung ^_^

  4. I definitely want to try this. Luckily we also have a store here in Taipei and the sales ladies are always really honest about the products.


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