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. . . Review: NewLook Charm Contact Lens in Grey . . .

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry for not updating this blog for a week.
Today I'd like to share my experience when wearing another contact lens from NewLook. This is about NewLook Charm Contact Lens in Grey. Yeah, I like to wear contact Lenses from this brand so far since all of their product are quite affordable and easy to get here in Palembang, the city that I live in.

Well let's get started, shall we?
Chiggedy-check it!

NewLook Charm Contact Lens in Grey
Base Curve (B.C): 8.6
Available Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Brown
Manufactured by Gelflex Australia
Diameter (DIA): 14.2
Material: PolyHema 57%, Water 43%
Lifespan: 3 Months
Prescription : 0.00 (Plano) to -8.00
Price : IDR 80.000

The packaging is just like any other NewLook products, they come with blister packaging in a box. Only the color is different, the color itself represents its own series. Yellow for NewLook Wonder, Blue for NewLook Playful, Green for NewLook Charm, and Red for Newlook Dazzling.

Unlike any other NewLook products which I tried before, This contact lens leaves a little bit uncomfortable feeling when wearing it on my left eye. It's kinda blurry. I even need to use eye drop product for contact lens after around 3 hours. That's why I tried to steam this contact lens later (How? Check HERE), and yeah it's true that it helped a bit in making this contact lens becomes better afterwards. but it's only tiny improvement.

I love how this contact lens looks like. It is a 3 tone color lens. The combination of 2 soft colors (light grey and yellow-brownie) plus black outer ring blends really well with the color of my eyes. It gives very pretty grey color on my eyes as the result.

In my opinion, this product doesn't make my eyes look bigger literally. That's why it gives very natural result on me. However, although this NewLook Charm has diameter 14.2 mm as same as NewLook Dazzling and NewLook Wonder, but the way I see it, the enlargement result of those contact lenses aren't same. Or I can conclude about the Enlargement like this: NewLook Wonder > NewLook Dazzling > NewLook Charm.

Actually, I really love the pattern and color of this contact lens. Sometimes, it even gives blink blink effect when using it outdoor in sunny day, but still looks natural for daily. It even looks more gorgeous in indoor. But unfortunately, I didn't find it comfy enough when wearing it on my left eye. It's kinda blurry. Well, Comfortable is the most important point when wearing contact lens, right?. Even after steaming this contact lens, this contact lens didn't really become better afterwards. Well, I thought I just being unlucky for getting not-so-good contact lens for my left eye, since I found that the contact lens that I used for my right eye was okay. Maybe, I'll repurchase this contact lens later, and find out about the truth.


Well, thanks for reading my review post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Wish this post will be useful and helpful to you all

2 komentar:

  1. Nyesel gak ambil yang grey ternyata bagus terang, kirain warna hijau terang juga tp hasilnya di aku malah gelap kayak gak pakai apa"

    Salam kenal tami 😊

    1. Aku paling suka newlook yang warna grey ini malah :)

      Siipp.. Salam kenal juga Rahmi


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