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. . . Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50+/ PA+++ . . .

Hello everybody!!!
I'm back again....
Now, I'm gonna share about another makeup product from Etude House. It's about Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, baby!!! Yeahhh.. So many bloggers have already made review posts about this product, you can easily find tons of review posts on the internet. I know, I'm kinda late actually. At first I wanted to buy Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion. But I couldn't bear myself to join PO. C'mon... waiting 2-3 weeks was not a great plan at that time actually, considering My Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow has been running out. So I needed the replacement asap. That's why I chose to buy Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion instead.

Well, anyway... Chiggedy-check it!

[에뛰드 하우스] 진주알 맑은 애니 쿠션 SPF50+ /PA+++
내추럴 베이지 W13

[Etude House] Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+ /PA+++
Natural Beige W13

The cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multifunction of brightening, wrinkle reducing, sebum control, and flawless coverage.

The Claims (6 in 1):
♬ Sun Cream
♬ Moisture Essence
♬ Cooling
♬ Foundation
♬ Whitening Essence
♬ Sebum Control Powder

Country of Origin: South Korea
Volume: 15gr (0.52 oz)
Price: IDR 218.000
Must be used within 12 months after opening

Actually, Etude House launched 2 kinds of packaging for this Any Cushion. The White one and The Pink one. The White one is being sold for Korea only, and The Pink one is for outside Korea. (CMIIW)

Comes with cute portable compact which is claimed as travel friendly packaging is one of its plus points that you can't resist

As you can see, there is a plastic separator between the air puff and the cushion. You can put the air puff on the plastic saparator.

Wash-able puff is included inside also. And I like using this air puff. In my opinion, applying this foundation with this air puff will give airbrush finish.

The cushion was still being sealed.

As you can see, No Parabens on the list. But, actually I was quite confused why the position of ingredients list of this product on packaging box that I purchased from Etude House Indonesia was different. Etude House Indonesia put another ingredients list sticker on the ingredients list side which contained different position of it.

Can you see the difference?
Well, I didn't put much amount of it on my hand actually. So you can check another the swatch picture on my face under

♥ 6 in 1 (Sun Screening SPF 50+/PA+++, Moisturizing, Cooling Effect, Tone Correcting, Whitening, and Sebum Control)
♥ No breakouts so far
♥ Parabens-free
♥ The coverage is great enough (Medium coverage)
♥ Staying power is quite great (around 4-5 Hours). It's kinda impressive how the foundation can stay on my oily face for that long. But after wudhu I need to reapply, since it'll fade away a little bit especially on my T-Zone
♥ The shade matches my skin tone well
♥ Giving satin finish (dewy+semi matte) which I like
♥ Doesn't oxidize on my face and No greyish undertone as well
♥ Wash-able puff is included inside
♥ Travel friendly and cute (as expected from Etude House) packaging
♥ Refillable
♥ Can be purchased by online and offline. Etude House has been available locally here, and the great point is the price for this product is reasonable

◆ Pricey. But it's kinda affordable actually if we compare with another BBs/ CCs/ Foundations Cushion out there
◆ It contains 15 gr only *bummer
◆ The scent is kinda weird for me


Well, thanks for reading my review anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Hope this post will be something useful and helpful to you all ★(*^-゚)⌒☆Wink!

9 komentar:

  1. kadang suka bingung ada yang warna pink, ada juga yang warna putih kemasannya :s

    btw nice review cc ;)

    1. Iya.. aku juga sempet bingung.. tapi aku pribadi lebih suka yang putih..hehehe

      Tararengkyu Catherine Y(^_^)Y

  2. spf nya tinggi ya jadi tertarik pengen beli ^^


    1. Iyaaa... awalnya khawatir bakal minyakan banget karena spf tinggi.. tapi untungnya gak..

  3. Hai...

    Perdana kesini.. Dan langsung memfollow dirimu...
    Marit bertemannn...

    Lagi banyak good review tentang produk ini yah. Sayang aku ga cocok dengan hampir semua produknya Etude... hiks...

    Salam kenal yah...

    1. Salam kenal ajaaa... makasih udah follow..
      Aku juga kemaren2 tiap coba bb/cc creams etude selalu brakhir breakout. Makanya kaget juga ternyata cocok sama any cushion ini ^_^

  4. di kamu keputihan ga say? aku bingung milih w13 ato w24.. kulitku kuning langsat..

    1. Di aku sih cocok aja say pake shade w13, natural jatohnya..gak keputihan kok, cuma kalo ragu mending pake w24 aja ^_^

  5. Harganya berapa ya Sist? Klo mau pesen caranya gmn?


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