Sunday, March 2, 2014

. . . Review: Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #3 Dreamy Orange . . .

It's not a secret anymore how much I love orange lipstick is!
When my sister asked me what I wanted as birthday present last october, I directly answered "lipstick". And she knew that I love orange lipstick and Innisfree very much, so she chose to give me this lipstick. When the package was arrived I couldn't even hide my wide smile. lol
She knows me very well! Thank Salsabila ♥ (I know it's very late post *lol)

[이니스프리] 크리미 틴트 립스틱 3호 꿈꾸는 오렌지
[Innisfree] Creamy Tint Lipstick #3 Dreamy Orange

This product was claimed as one of the best orange lipsticks ever based on
Get it Beauty Show's Blind Test Segment
Check the video HERE

♥ 2 kinds of type for delicate tint and sharp lipstick
♥ Adheres to lips lightly with creamy texture
♥ 3 Free System (Animal ingredients, talc and benzophenone free)
♥ It contains camellia oil and safflower oil which offer moisture to lips for hours
♥ Trendy and vivid color for the cheeks as well

Country of origin: South Korea
Volume : 3.5g
Must be used within 18 months after opening
(Taken from Koreadepart)

1. Touch to the center of lips smoothly and make gradation naturally.
2. Apply according to lip line thoroughly.
3. Mix a small amount with BB cream or foundation and touch to cheeks lightly.
(Taken from Koreadepart)

FYI, for better result I recommend you to apply this lipstick with lip brush. You'll find the result looks more natural (not too bold/vivid)

For the "Full Lips" picture was taken when I was wearing this product as lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow. For blusher and eyeshadow I combined it with BB Cream.
Can you notice it?
well, I tried to make the result was not too bold and orang-ey.

♥ This orange color is vivid and the one that I really wanted (personal taste)
♥ 3 Free System (Animal ingredients, talc and benzophenone free)
♥ Can be used as blusher and eyeshadow as well
♥ Having a lovely strawberry candy scent
♥ The staying power is quite good (around 4-5 hours)
♥ Brightening up my skin tone and my face looks fresh instantly after putting this on, seems like the color matches my skin tone well
♥ Having a simple white packaging

◆ Giving a "bold" matte finish which is making my lip looks so dry. So I usually apply lip balm before for getting semi matte finish and apply lip gloss after for getting glossy finish
◆ The lipstick tends to settle in fine lines
◆ Pricey
◆ Hard to get this offline for now. Ordering by online is a must.


16 komentar:

  1. thanks for reviewing this! the lip color turns out really well on you.

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  2. waa bagus warnanya kesukaan aku orange, jadi pengen beli hihi :3


    1. Iya bel.. warna orange nya bikin ngiler pecinta warna orange kayak kita ★(*^-゚)⌒☆Wink!

  3. wah ternyata ga terlalu bold ya warnanya pas dipake. jadi pengen coba lipsticknya innisfree :D


    1. Sebenernya lumayan bold sih vin, cuma asal pinter-pinter atur "kadar" pas swatch lipstick nya aja, plus aplikasiin nya pake lip brush biar mudah kontrol kadar warnanya, so hasilnya lebih "friendly" (^_^)

  4. Hi, what a great review you have there!
    I love the orange color of the lipstick. It looks pretty and very natural.
    Thanks for reviewing it.

    Anw, you have a lovely blog.
    Following you now.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, debby.
      I've already followed yours,
      Nice to know you too (^▽^)”

  5. ah, lipstick innisfree...wishlistku dari dulu *.*
    warnanyaa..cantik banget. kalo dipake jadi blusher sama eyeshadow bisa tahan berapa jam ya dear?

    1. Kalo eyeshadow tahan seharian sih kalo diaku, adlina. Soalnya aku pake eye primer dulu. Kalo blusher setelah 4 jam an agak ilang warnanya, mungkin karena mukaku berminyak kali ya jadi ga tahan seharian.. hehe

  6. Aku belum pernah pakai Innisfree sebelumnya, jadi post ini sangat ngasih informasi buat aku. Makasih uda sharing :) You look cute!

    Don't forget to join Hanake Label Giveaway on my blog, click here. Win the prize with total value IDR 450.000.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Thanks for your compliment Karina (^_^) *blush
      Semoga bermanfaat ya info nya..

  7. I love orange lipstick!!
    You look great with it!!

    1. So do I...
      I know that orange color will never disappoint me (^_^)
      Thanks Sekar!

  8. Wahh lucu ya warna nya :D
    looks so pretty on you!

    1. Iya lucuuu warnanya..
      Tararengkyu, Bella ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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