Friday, March 28, 2014

. . . Review: Etude House I Need You, Korean Ginseng! Mask Sheet (Alphabet K) . . .

Sorry for not publishing post frequently. Cz I'm still on process looking for a job. Well, I'm still on my way to join development program from Bank Mandiri which is called ODP Mandiri and management development program which is called MDP BSM from Bank Syariah Mandiri . That's why I'm busy to prepare myself as best as I can. So guys, Wish me luck! hehe

I am back again with another facial mask review. As someone who is addicted to facial mask, especially sheet type mask. I'd like to share about
Etude House I Need You, Korean Ginseng! Mask Sheet (Alphabet K)

Chiggedy-check it!

Country of Origin: South Korea
Volume: 20 ml

Oh no! This person looks so tired!

And as you can see guys, my skin was not in good condition at that time. I got some pimples as the result for not having enough sleep.

♥ This mask contains rich essence, but it's not too sticky
♥ Moisturizing enough
♥ The essence is easy to be absorbed by the skin
♥ Parabens-free
♥ Affordable price. Even available locally with reasonable price also
♥ Having many variant of choices to be tried depends on what kind of benefits that you want

◆ Weird scent. It has herbal scent which is combined with flowery scent.


Okay pals,
I think that's all for today
I'll see ya all soon on my next post

2 komentar:

  1. mungkin wanginya aneh karena ini yang ginseng? aku pernah coba yang huruf Y (lupa singkatan dari apa hahaha kayaknya yogurt stoberi) wanginya engga aneh kok hehe too bad aku kayaknya kurang cocok sama masker ini.. pas dipake bikin gatel2 haha


    1. Iya.. emang kayaknya karena ginseng itu vin.. Tapi untungnya result nya oke sih di aku, cuma tetep emang lebih doyan masker yang My Beauty Diary atau innisfree kalo aku untuk sementara ini ^_^


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