Wednesday, February 5, 2014

. . . Review: Leaders Insolution Gentle Lifting Foam Cleansing . . .

Back again with another skincare review post. Now, I'm gonna share about my current using of facial foam/ cleansing foam. This product is from Leaders Insolution. Most of you maybe remember that I'm Innisfree Junkie (lol). So most of my skincare and makeup products are from this brand. As you know, my latest cleansing foam that I used was Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam, and it was running out. Since I found out these day my facial skin was dehydrated so bad, I even could see the increasing amount of oily on my T-zone with some dry patches on my U-Zone (maybe due to changing season. It's rainy season in Indonesia right now), so I chose to change facial foam product. I decided to give Leaders Insolution cleansing foam product a try, since I've already tried their sheet masks, and Loved it so much.

Anyhoozles, let's Chiggedy-check it!
[리더스 인솔루션] 젠틀 리프팅 폼 클렌징
[Leaders Insolution] Gentle Lifting Foam Cleansing

♬ The gentle cleanser within soft and abundant bubbles thoroughly cleanses and hydrates skin and effectively removes make-up and excess grease without leaving a tight sensation
♬ It contains Marine Collagen (Collagen which produced from FISH), shea butter, pomegrante extract which can tighten and firm skin
♬ Fine Bubble brings abundant water to skin and effectively get rid of impurities. Hypo-allergenic moisturizing ingredient keeps the oil-moisture balance of skin
4 Free System, No Paraben, Artificial coloring, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone

Honestly for Lifting effect, I still haven't seen the result about this yet. But it helps in purifying pores after cleansing. So, it's easy to spread moisturizer after this because my skin becomes so smooth and the pores are not really as wide as before although it's only for a while (temporary result). Moreover, it isn't drying my skin at all

♥ 4-Free System (Free from paraben, artificial coloring, mineral oil, Benzophenone)
♥ No breakouts so far
♥ Purifying the pores
♥ Doing a good job in removing dirt, makeup, excess oil on my face without leaving tight sensation
♥ Containing Marine collagen, Shea butter, Pomegrante extract which can tighten and firm skin
♥ Not drying my facial skin at all after using it
♥ So gentle and mild type cleanser (suitable for all skin types)
♥ Reasonable price for 180ml
♥ It has an mild sweet scent (almost not noticeable)

◆ Haven't been available locally yet


Well, thanks for reading my review post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Hope this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

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  1. I am really curious about Leaders products, normal cleansers make my pores grow bigger so I am looking for sth effective :)

    1. I second that, That's why choosing cleanser is like something so basic but very important one :)


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