Monday, January 6, 2014

. . . Review: Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Pore Cleansing Brush . . .

I'm back again with another review
Have you ever tried any kinds of pore cleansing brush? Well, as we know the most popular one is from Tosowoong (Wishtrend), you can browse the reviews about this Tosowoong's pore cleansing brush from google
Anyway, Now we're gonna talk about
[이니스프리] 에코 뷰티툴 모공 세안 브러쉬
[Innisfree] Eco Beauty Tool Pore Cleansing Brush

Cleansing Brush with fine wool thinner than hair, effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells.
(Taken from koreadepart)

♥ The Pore Cleansing Brush ♥

I usually soaking the pore cleansing brush with lukewarm water every time before using it. Just to make sure some bacteria are completely "gone" (It's possible that there were some bacteria when hanging up the pore cleansing brush). After that, put proper amount of facial foam and pour some water to turn it into a leather.

Use this pore cleansing brush with circular motion to remove the whole makeup, dirt, even dead skin cells on the facial skin

Rinse the pore cleansing brush after using it with flowing water to remove foam completely. Drain and leave it until it's dry naturally

♥ Doing a great job in removing the makeup, dirt, and even dead skin cells on my facial skin
♥ Cleansing with minimal irritation
♥ Helping in reducing oiliness on my facial skin (but, you need to remember that I use another products which help in controlling oiliness as well. They work even better after I use this pore cleansing brush)
♥ Suitable for daily use
♥ The brush is so soft, so we don't need to be worried it will be too harsh for our facial skin
♥ For reducing blackheads and whiteheads claim, I only can see a bit improvement. Almost not noticeable

◆ Pricey
◆ Still not available locally
◆ Not travel friendly


Well, thanks for reading my review post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

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  1. Replies
    1. Sebelum dolar naik bak roller coaster, aku belinya 235rb nindya. Sekarang kalo gak salah harganya jadi 288rb

  2. bentuknya lucu stelah dibasahin gitu yah.. hihii.. tapi keliatan lembutnya ^^
    sayang harga jg lumayan mahal dan harus po dl kali yah..
    thank you reviewnya ^^

    1. Iya ce, udah mahal kudu PO lagi,. Habis jarang-jarang juga ada yang interest ngeluarin duit extra buat beli tool kayak gini :(

  3. Aduh aduh aduh..kena suntik racun nih..bergegas beli ah...hehehe

    1. Aduh suci... sorry nih udah nyebar racun. hihihi *evil laugh*

  4. Thanks for reviewing this in english. After using the brush, does the bristles become clumpy after drying (not the same as before use)?


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