Tuesday, January 14, 2014

. . . Review: Cottage Caramel Gourmet Shower Gel . .

Cottage is brand from France which focus on body care product. When I was visiting Guardian at Palembang Square Mall, I coincidentally found this shower gel, I just couldn't resist myself not to try this product. C'mon.. the scent was so niceeee... absolutely felt like you're pouring caramel onto the whole body... since I'm a big fan of this typical of scent, of course I bought this right away. But I chose to buy the mini size one, because I thought maybe I would like to try another fragrances also later.

Give into the temptation of this original milk shower with its daring and instantly recognizable fragrance. The gourmet and authentic aroma of Caramel will open your appetite. Its rich foam, enriched with milk for its nourishing properties, will give your skin all the softness it needs. Delicious !

Neutral pH
(Taken from Cottage Website)

Volume: 750ml, 250ml, 50ml
Must be used within 12 months after opening

♥ Paraben-free
♥ Smells so nice, yummy, deliciouso!!! Absolutely caramel scent!
♥ Quite good in moisturizing
♥ Available locally
♥ This shower gel has 3 kinds of size (750ml, 250ml, and 50 ml (mini size, so it’s travel friendly)

◆ Still not SLS-Free
◆ Although the price is quite affordable but some of you maybe still think that it’s pricey just for shower gel


4 komentar:

  1. Benaaar banget, harga nya bikin nggak nahan, mehooong banget yak (T____T) tapi aku pingin banget nyobanya. btw, diguardian PIM lgi diskon lhoo tai cuma 10% LoLs. sudah bandingin sama Shower nya TheBodyShop? enakan mana chay??

    1. Ho'oh mbak... cz cuma nempel dikulit bentar, habis itu dibilas.. hahaha.
      Aduh mbak, sebenernya emang rencana mau ke PIM besok.. tapiii... *lirikdompet* cekak bok... telat si guardian bikin promo...
      Hmmm... Suka 22 nya sih mbak, cuma kalo dari seri melembabkan kayaknya di aku masih melembabkan yang cottage ini..

  2. Ah baunya emang enak banget! Pengen dimakan jadinya :3

    1. Iya gracey... Doyan bener deh pokoknya sama fragrance caramel nya ^_^


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