Wednesday, December 11, 2013

. . . Sample Review: The Face Shop Aqua UV Color Control Cream . . .

Hello everyone!
Back again with my Sample Review Post, this post is made in order to give short information to my readers, especially to anyone who has SIMILAR SKIN CONDITION to me before deciding to purchase the full size product or not. Since, I only try sample product, the information will not be detail, but I hope it'll still give you a little bit explanation regarding this product so you can take this as consideration (for further explanation please check my Disclaimer Menu above).

Anyway, Today I'm gonna share to you all about my short experience when using this aqua uv cc cream sample for three times (3 days in row).
Let's get started,shall we?
[더페이스샵] 페이스 잇 아쿠아 UV CC크림 (SPF 50+, PA+++)
[The Face Shop]Aqua UV Color Control Cream (SPF 50+, PA+++)

A long lasting, powerful UV block CC cream that lowers the skin temperature by 2'C. A wrinkle care, whitening, and sunscreen triple functional cosmetic.

The Product claims:
1. Cooling down skin's temperature
- ICE PLANT WATER is used for instant moisturizing
- ICE-COOL Formula for instant cooling effect

2. Strong SUN PROOF
- SPF 50+, PA+++ Strong Sun Protection

3. Long-lasting Aqua Fit Makeup Strong at Sweat & Sebum
- Soft coverage but long lasting strong adhesion

4. 12 hour long lasting
- Maintain Morning Makeup till Night!

Well, unfortunately this sample only contains small amount of cc cream *sigh

The texture is liquid-y and easy to be spread onto the whole face, but I prefer using my Innisfree's Air puff with dabbing/patting motion when applying this cc cream. I found out that when I applied this cream with my finger, it tends to be cakey. So I really recommended using air puff. And then It gives satin finish and still feels so moist on my facial skin.

♥ It has High SPF (SPF 50+, PA+++)
♥ Looks natural on me
♥ Giving satin finish
♥ Feels so light on my skin and no sticky feeling. But I still recommend you who has oily skin just like me to set it with loose powder and mist for having longer makeup
♥ Quite hydrating
♥ No breakouts so far
♥ The coverage is wise (sheer to medium coverage)
♥ Having mild-y scent

◆ Pricey
◆ Staying power is not great, re-applying is needed
◆ Cakey if we apply this cc cream with fingers only, use air puff sponge as tool when applying this cc cream
◆ Only available in 2 shades


This is the best CC Cream which I've ever tried so far actually. But I'm curious to try BB cushion which I assume to have better coverage compare to cc cream, So it will be NO for now. But, for you who has a great/good skin condition and doesn't need to cover some imperfection on the skin, you should try this product then. It's great product after all.

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