Thursday, October 17, 2013

. . . Review: Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow in #N3 . . .

Hi All!♥
Welcome back to my blog
Today, I'm gonna talk about my latest favorite face product (makeup) from Innisfree.
After using it for a couple of days, here what I'm thinking about this product on my oily skin
Chiggedy-check it!

[이니스프리] 미네랄 멜팅 파운데이션 윤광 (SPF32 PA++/ Whitening)
[Innisfree] Mineral Melting Foundation Glow (SPF32 PA++/ Whitening)

The reason why I didn't choose [Innisfree] Mineral Melting Foundation Fitting instead which is recommended for oily skin type was the store where I bought this product only had glow type in their stock. No choices at all. lol

♥ Description ♥
The solid glowing foundation helps to create a dazzling skin on contact as it adds dewiness and sleekness to your skin

♥ Packaging ♥

It contains Mineral Powder and Jeju Green Tea

It claims:
♥ Covering imperfections on the skin effectively
♥ Long lasting
♥ High Moisturizing
♥ 3-free System: (Free from Parabens, Free form Talc, and Free from artificial fragrance)

2012's colors -> 2013's colors

I chose shade in N3 (Neutral 3), the darkest color actually. I chose neutral because I still wasn't sure enough about my skin tone, WARM or COOL. For neutral shade, it has N1 and N3, But I chose N3 because I was afraid that N1 would be too bright for me. And fortunately, this shade is not too dark for my skin tone.

Anyone can help me translating this?

Comes with pact packaging makes this foundation becomes so easy to be carried all day long just like bringing compact powder. So we can re-applying whenever is needed

♥ Direction ♥
Apply an appropriate amount onto puff and gently pat and smooth over entire face, pressing on curved areas with meticulous care

♥ Swatch ♥

I love the idea using sponge to apply this foundation. Just like using compact powder. Just pat..pat..pat.. and finish!

As you can see from the picture above, I didn't use concealer at all and it covered quite well on my skin. This foundation adhered into the skin very well and looked so natural.

Anyway, I got my face became oilier after 3 hours (considering I have oily skin, and basically this foundation is recommended for dry to normal skin). And unfortunately, this made the foundation slightly erased and needed to be re-applied. It's true that sometimes I find this is a little bit bothersome, but I always keep in mind what I do just like re-applying sunblock for every 3 hours so  I don't mind at all to do re-applying. Besides that, I highly recommend you to put primer before applying this foundation, especially for someone who has oily skin type.

♥ Conclusions ♥


♥ Moisturizer + BB + Foundation + Pact in one product (4 in 1)
♥ 3-Free System (Free from paraben, talc, and artificial fragrance )
♥ No breakouts so far
♥ It has SPF 32 PA++
♥ Quite good in covering my blemishes (Medium to full coverage)
♥ This foundation didn't oxidize on my skin
♥ No greyish undertone
♥ Moisturizing my facial skin well
♥ Giving dewy finish
♥ Wash-able puff is included inside
♥ Travel friendly packaging


◆ Pricey
◆ Staying power is not that great for oily skin type. So you need to re-apply it
◆ Not covering my visible big pores
◆ Having greasy feeling if I don't put loose powder on after
◆ Hard to repurchase this offline in my city Palembang


Well, thanks for reading my review post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

6 komentar:

  1. kayaknya warnanya terlalu pale ya? ini ada pilihan warnanya gak say?

    Anyway, nice review :)

    1. Iya, rada pale emang sih, rada pink undertone gitu say..

      Aku barusan update konten post ini sis..
      Available shade nya: W2 (Warm undertone)
      C2 (Cool undertone)
      N1,N3 (Neutral undertone).

  2. hi^_^
    nice review, ini yg sdg sy cari2 ;)
    klo boleh tahu pilihan warna untuk edisi 2013nya apa aja??
    glow apaan aja?
    fitting apaan aja?

    1. Itu udah ada foto diatas say.
      N1, C2, W2, N3
      sama buat glow n fitting

  3. Kepingin nyobain ini tapi masi galau hihi...
    Antara ini atau étude house nymph aura line balm

    1. Ho'oh.. yang etude nymph aura balm juga bagus kayaknya sekar, cuma enakan si innisfree nih mayan banyak shade pilihannya..


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