Monday, July 15, 2013

. . . Review: Sophie Monk Beauty Whitening Facial Mask . . .

Another sheet mask review, now from Sophie Monk Beauty.
Have you ever heard about Sophie Monk Beauty before?
Well, this brand is originally from Taiwan. You can visit their Sophie Monk Beauty Website for further information.
I bought this sheet mask at Watson in Malaysia for RM 19.90.
1 Box = 5 Sheet Masks

♥ Descriptions ♥
Promote a youthful complexion by using SophieMonk organics masks to hydrate, purify and exfoliate your skin without resorting to harsh chemicals or synthetics.
- Brightening
- Moisturizing

♥ Packaging ♥

What a cute packaging ever!
plus it's pink!!! ^_^

♥ Directions & Ingredients ♥

Well, as you can see. There's a different between both of photos. The first photo, I took from the box. And the other one, I took from the sachet.
In the first photo, there's Xanthan Gum, but not in the scond photo. Well, I'm not sure which one is right actually. But, seems like they forget to put Xanthan Gum on their sachet packaging
(CMIIW ^_^). By the way, you can check by yourself about Xanthan Gum HERE.

Suitable for All skin types
Size: 24 ml

♥ Conclusions ♥


♥ Moisturizing my facial skin very well, but didn't make it too greasy
♥ Brightening my skin (Temporary), but if you have this mask twice a week regularly, you could see this mask help a little bit in reducing redness.
(But, In my case, Haruhada Mask is better if you want to have this brightening and whitening effect faster)
♥ Affordable price
♥ My face became smoother after using this
♥ This mask contains rich essence
♥ Cute packaging (lol)


◆ Weird scent, I can't describe it well actually. It's a combination of flowery and berry scent. But,in my opinion it doesn't create any sweet flowery fruity scent at all (personal opinion)
Well, anyway I am kinda confused how to explain to you all
◆ Hard to get here in Indonesia


Sure, I'd love to

♬ In short, I recommend this facial mask to you all to give this a try, with affordable price and promising quality, who knows that you'll love this mask too. Well, except for the weird scent, I'm in love with everything in this facial mask ♬

Anyway, I think that's all for this review
Hope it will be something helpful and useful to you all
Thanks so much for reading my post
I'll see ya all on my next post

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