Monday, July 8, 2013

. . . Review: Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Eye Mask . . .

Anyone here who have Dark Circles and Puffy Bags problems just like me?
Yeah.. that's not cool right?
Now, the question is how I treat those problems are.
Usually, I always have DIY: Homemade Milk Eye Mask for treating Dark Circles and Puffy Bags Under Eyes. I refrigerate the milk first, and then I put it in a bowl and soaking facial cottons in it. After that, I put those facial cottons under my eyes. I do it regularly twice a week.
But, unfortunately this routine is not an easy work to do regularly, c'mon.. you'll know how does it feel when tiredness and laziness come to us right?. *sigh

Anyway, as we know, right now you can find easily any kinds of mask that can help any kinds of problem of our skin, including under eye problems like Dark Circles and Puffy Bags. Well, when I was on holiday in Malaysia, I got this Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Eye Mask for free after purchasing Sasatinnie Perfect White Gel Cream.
Check this out, gals!

♥ Description ♥
Sasatinnie Intensive Sparkling White Eye Mask is specially formulated with Allantoin, Arbutin and plant extracts, which effectively reduce visibility of freckles and dark spots around the eye contour area. It also reduces the appearance of dark eye circles, fine lines and puffiness, leaving your eyes rejuvenated and luminous.

♥ Directions & Ingredients ♥
♥ Apply the eye masks onto the cleansed eye contour
♥ Leave it on for 10 minutes
♥ Gently remove the masks and massage the eye area with fingertips to ensure full absorption
♥ Use 1~2 times per week

♥ Country of Origin ♥

♥ Price ♥
RM 4.90 (One pack itself comes with 3 pairs of eye mask)

♥ Where to buy ♥

The mask is made form cotton

♥ Conclusions ♥


♥ lightening up my dark circles instantly (temporary result)
♥ Making my puffy eye bags disappeared (reduced) instantly
♥ After using this mask you can feel that your tired eyes are suddenly gone, look so fresh
♥ Affordable price
♥ One pack itself comes with 3 pairs of eye mask (Good deal!)
♥ You can seal again the packaging, which means that it's so travel friendly
♥ Having a nice scent


◆ This mask is made from cotton, although it's so gentle but unfortunately, I prefer eye mask which is made by transparent gel one. It feels more comfortable for me when using it actually.
◆ Hard to get here in Indonesia, I really wish that SaSa will open their store here in Indonesia, especially in Palembang


I'd love to. But it's kinda hard to do repurchasing. Well, if I knew this mask was quite good, I would purchase this mask a lot when visited SaSa.

Okay, I think that's all for today
I hope this post will be helpful and useful to you all
Thanks so much for reading
I'll see ya all on my next post

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