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. . . Review: Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Recover Gel . . .

Having trouble skin is something that I need to accept in my life. I have skin which is prone to acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes. Besides that, I have also oily and sensitive type skin which push me to be more patient to handle these problems.

Because of this, I need to find out the great skincare products to help me overcome this problem. One of the products that I've tried until now is Innisfree Jejubia Anti-Trouble Recover Gel
[이니스프리] 비자 안티-트러블 리커버 젤

♥ About ♥

♥ Steps: Jejubija Anti-trouble Facial Foam -> Jejubija Anti-trouble Skin -> Jejubija Anti-trouble Spot Essence W/R -> Jejubija Anti-trouble Recover Gel ♥

As usually from innisfree, the box is printed with Soy Ink

This product must be used within 12 months
Size: 30ml

♥ Packaging ♥

♥ Texture ♥

It has white gel texture which is easily absorbed by the skin. So since this product is gel-based cream type, it won't give any greasy, heavy, and sticky feeling after being applied on the skin because of its fast absorption. Besides that,you will feel cool sensation when this gel is being applied on the skin.

◆ Tips: ◆
Day: You can use this at the last stage of Day skincare, before putting base makeup (Primer, BB Cream, or Foundation). Remember to put only a little amount. As little as possible, and make sure that this gel is completely absorb before processing to the next step of putting makeup.

Night: At the last stage of Night skincare

♥ Conclusions ♥

♥ Doesn't give any greasy, heavy, and sticky feeling on the skin. It's so light on the skin
♥ I love the cooling sensation after having this cream on my face
♥ Helping in reducing redness and blemishes (slowly but sure)
♥ It has 4-free system: Free from Parabens, Artificial Colors, Mineral Oil, Animal Ingredients.
♥ Nice fragrance (Personal opinion)

◆ A little bit drying. Now, I realize why Innisfree suggests us to use lotion before putting Jejubija Anti-trouble spot essence W/R and Recover Gel
◆ Kinda pricey (I got mine for IDR 190.000
◆ Purchasing online is a must, since there's still no Innisfree store here in Indonesia


Not sure, I really wanna try [Ciracle] Red Spot Cream (Red Spot Healing Cream). Have you ever tried it? please share your experiences with this Red spot cream if you've tried it.

In short, I like this product, but I still reconsider about repurchasing or not. So far I'm satisfied with the result, but I'm still looking for something which has stronger healing properties. Especially if we talk about acne and blemish. I hate to see even a tiny mark stays on my face. You got what I mean right?
But, let's see for a while. Who knows I'll change my mind later after I finish the whole bottle of this recover gel.

I know that choosing the best skincare for our skin isn't an easy work. But, we need to remember that putting skincare is like doing long term investment to our skin. Sooner is better to protect our skin to stay away from aging. Especially for those people who have already had several skin problems just like Acne, whiteheads, blackheads, etc. FYI, I encountered trial and error in choosing skincare also.

◆ Don't give up, pal! ◆
There must be a solution for every problems in this world

Okay, I think that's all for today
Thanks so much for visiting, reading, and following (subscribing) my blog
I'll see y'all soon on my next post

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  1. Can I know the online shop? Thanksss :)

  2. Thanks for the review, i think I will try another product for Innisfree jejubija series. I try the facial foam of this series and i think the result is good for oily-acne skin :)
    Anyway, may i know the online shop?? in online shop that i purchasing the facial foam, i ask for this product it's about idr 300.000, too pricey T_T
    Thank youuu ^^

    1. Just send me an email.. and I'll reply it right a way ^_^

  3. Enjoyed the blog!!! :) I ordered the lotion and coming soon, and thus it's been over a year now since this blog any recommendations? Thankss ^^

  4. Heyy! Enjoyed the blog! I recently ordered this to help my face but do you recommend a different product? Thanks :)


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