Wednesday, May 1, 2013

. . . Review: Hadalabo Ultimate Whitening Essence . . .

Hello everyone.. it's my another skincare review...
Seems like this blog totally describes about my journey in finding the best skincare routine to treat my oily, acne prone, and trouble skin.
You know what gals, actually I'd like to know about your skincare routine which is used currently. So I have another reference what kind of skincare which is good for my skin. Please feel free to suggest me. I appreciate so much ^_^

Anyway, back to the topic. This post is gonna talk about Hadalabo Ultimate Whitening Essence

♥ Packaging ♥

♥ Descriptions ♥

♥ Directions and Ingredients ♥

♥ Texture ♥

♥ Conclusion ♥

♥ Contains Vit C and Arbutin which are great ingredients for brightening skin
♥ Does a great job in brightening my skin (checked!)
♥ Fast absorption
♥ No sticky feeling
♥ The bottle has pump (hygienic issue solved)
♥ Easy to get here in my city, Palembang

♥ Breaking me out after using it for 3 months. When I stopped using it, my skin was getting better
♥ Kinda pricey (I got mine for IDR138.000)



Okay, I think that's all for now
Well, thanks for reading my review anyway
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

I'll see you all soon on my next post

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