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. . . Update: Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence . . .

Hola.. I'm back again...^_^
Now, I'm gonna update about
[미샤] 타임 레볼루션 더 퍼스 트 트리트먼트 에센스
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence.
I've done sample review about this product before HERE. Since I decided to buy the full size considering my skin loved this product, now it's time to share about the update. Well, I choose to wait until 3 months to see the exact result how this product works on me.
So check this out gals...

♥ Descriptions ♥

♥ Ingredients ♥
♥ Packaging ♥

According to the picture,this product must be used within 9 months after opening

It's kinda annoying to open the original bottle actually. That's why I put the essence into a spray bottle, I love to use this essence like mist, just spray.. -> tap..tap..tap.. -> Voila! done! -> next skincare step..

♥ My latest conclusion about this product after using for 3 months ♥

❤ Containing FISSIONETM 80%, Fermented Yeast Extract, which has similar components to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)
❤ Can be used for every skin type
❤ Making my skin felt so smooth and supple. Love it!
❤ Improving my skin tone (Brightening effect, checked!). Now I use bb cream and powder with lighter shade. hohoho *Proud*
❤ No greasy feeling, it absorbs quickly into the skin since it has watery texture
❤ Now I have not so oily skin type. Still I have oily skin, but ballance. Usually, I need 2-3 oil control films to be used once when blotting the oil on my face, now I only need 1 oil control film. Seems like it works well along together with my innisfree jeju volcanic mask and innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam.
❤ My face looks so fresh every time waking up from the sleep. Glowing glowing...but it takes a long time to see this result. Don't be lazy to use it.

• Having purging phase after using more than 3 weeks. But I keep using it.
• I got some blemishes and scars as the effect from having purging phase, well my skin has improved, but so many "dark accessories" has left on my face. That's not cool!
• Pricey (I got mine for around IDR461.000 including shipping (discount), original price is IDR468.000)
• Hard to get this product here in my city, Palembang. The only way is by ordering online
• Doesn't help that much in treating my skin trouble, like acne/pimples. I heard that SKII's FTE can help in reducing acne/pimples,I don't know if it is true or not.

4.7 / 5
(Since I got purging phase, I reduced the rating from 4.8 to 4.7)
Well, even my campus mates asked me what's wrong with my face, They asked why my face became worse again like before. *sigh*

I still get some pimples whenever I'm stress and getting monthly period. Fortunately, I have been through purging phase now after 2 months.

The only problem is about money, that's why I'm not so sure about repurchasing. One thing for sure that I love this product anyway, slowly but sure doing a great job.I love this product.

Gals.. once again I want to remind you all that every product gives different result for every different person, so do not expect that the product which is good or bad on my skin condition will always give same effects with everyone. Especially when we talk about skincare product. Right?

Anyway, I think that's all.
Thanks so much for reading my review anyway
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

I'll see you all soon on my next post

27 komentar:

  1. Finally, ada yang ngereview Missha ini~ Sekarang aku lagi nyobain pake yang SecretKey Starting Treatment Essence, lagi nungguin Misshanya nyampe..

    Thanks for the review~ ^_^

    1. Sama-sama ce phanie,
      makasih ya udah mampir ke blog ku ^_^

  2. harganya lumayan ya, tapi klo ok sih ga masalah, masih ragu2 mau nyobainnya, btw thanks dah review :)

    1. Kalo po bisa lebih murah lagi.. sekitar 400rb..
      Iya sama2 mutiara ^_^

  3. wah lumayan mahal harganya,tapi kalau cocok dan bagus hasilnya ga sia"sih beli itu,nice review dear ^_^


    1. Iya.. so far suka sama hasilnya.. sayang ga bantu ngurangin jerawat aja..
      buat claim yang lain, emang bener.. ga asal kalimat iklan..

  4. aahhh!! brarti lebih mending SK-II FTE donkk.. T_T aku ga mau muka jd aneh2 ato jerawi hiks padahal ini terkenal sebagai pengganti SK-II FTE, subtitusinya lah LOL. anyway thanks for review pretyy!!

    1. Belum pernah nyoba SK II sih dear, jadi ga bs komen banyak ttg itu, tp banyak post review yang kubaca katanya emang SK II biasa ngurangin jerawat. Wajar deh kalo gitu harganya bisa 2x-3x lipat lebih "WOW" dibanding ini.

      Iya sama2 dear ^_^

  5. Great post. I heard they made this as a competitor to SKII, I should try this out!

    1. Yup, it's a great copycat version of skII.. You should try this sally, well although it doesn't have any healing acne properties just like skII.

  6. wah keren, eh tapi btw bukannya biasanya essence itu agak kental ya? emang bisa di spray? _-_
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Essence ini teksturenya watery kok.. Aku udah foto penampakannya di post sebelumnya.
      Terinspirasi dari video nya get it beauty self yang bahas tentang produk2 SKII.
      FTE SKII nya ditarok di botol spray disalah satu cara penggunaannya, jadi iseng nyoba buat FTE Missha ini.. and it works! ^_^

  7. Bole tau kamu beli ready stock nya dmn ya? Email me please? Thks ^^ (hanna_cai(at)hotmail(dot)com)

  8. would u please email me about the recommended olshop to buy this item sista? thank u :)

  9. Haiii, blh tw ga beli di olshop mana? Email :

    Thank you

  10. hai beli di olshop mana ya? email:
    Thanks :)

  11. mba, beli missha time revolution the first treatment essence di online shop apa yg product nya asli dan ready stock? please email

  12. Dear, boleh tau dimana beli missha-nya?
    Plz email ke
    Thank u

  13. Mbak. Thanks banget reviewnya. aku juga sudah beli, baru pakai 2 minggu. jerawatnya tumbuh subur. temen2 pada nanya kenapa mukanya jerawatan banget. jadi aku berhenti pakai de. sayang banget masi sisa banyak. Mbak setelah 2 bulan hasilnya bagaimana?
    please reply

    1. Kalo di aku sih fase purging ku lebih dari 1 bulan-an (kalo gak salah), banyak bener jerawatnya. Kalo dibilang blak2an ancur lah kategori wajahku. Tapi sekelarnya (masuk bulan ke 2-3) muka ku bagus emang. Keliatan lembab tapi gak berminyak. Gak kusam dan kenyal..

      Saran aku sih, be strong and coba lanjut aja pakenya, tapi kalo gak kuat liat purging nya, ya apa boleh buat kalo mau stop. Soalnya aku juga ngalamanin hal yang sama jadi tau rasanya percaya diri anjlok gara2 purging kayak gitu.Hiks..


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