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. . . Review: Peripera Peri's Water Tint in #2 Pink Juice . . .

Any blackjacks here? Put your hands up!
I'm a blackjack too actually.. I love 2NE1 so much.. The only girl group idol that I adore from their debut until now. Actually, I recently love Sistar also (Their songs are so easy listening).
Well anyway, let's back to the topic. What exactly the reason why I asked you about "blackjack" was. Is there any related with today's post?
And the answer is yes. Just see how the story goes.

Do you notice something?
The Peripera's packaging looks so adorable with that cute character on it right?. The one who created that cute party girl character was Mary Kim. The same person who created the character on 2NE1 2nd Mini Album. I believe most of blackjacks have already known about that

Another characters whom Mary Kim made for Peripera
(source: Peripera's Website)

Honestly, I know this brand since last year around may if I'm not mistaken. Peripera's tint is pretty popular at Korea, I often saw some beauty blogger from Korea has made reviews about this tint on their blogs (naver and Daum). But unfortunately, at that time this product was still not popular in Indonesia. There isn't Peripera store here in Indonesia. Besides that, it was so hard to find online seller who sold this brand. Until a few months ago, I found out that it's not that difficult to find seller who sell this brand anymore. Luckily!.

By the way, I ordered Peri's milk tint in peach actually, but the seller did a mistake by sending me a wrong product. Well, I often purchased korean beauty products there. The seller was so kind and gave a great enough service to me as a costumer, so I just couldn't blame them about this. Since everyone has made mistakes.

Okay anyway, let's get officially started about Peripera Peri's Tint Water in #2 pink Juice
[페리페라] 페리스 틴트워터 2호 핑크쥬스 review.

♥ Descriptions ♥
Like juice, this water tint spreads upon lips with vivid colors.
With a single touch perfectly dewy colors give an elegant look.
Fruit Complex help give vitality to the lips

Size: 6.5 ml

Available Shades:
♥ #1 Cherry Juice
♥ #2 Pink Juice
♥ #3 Orange Juice
♥ #4 Mandarin Juice
♥ #5 Candy Juice

This product must be used within 12 months after opening

♥ Packaging ♥

♥ Swatch ♥

(source: Peripera's Website)

♥ Conclusions ♥

♥ The packaging is totally adorable. Too cute to be ignored
♥ The container looks so expensive and classy because it's made from glass
♥ This water tint's color looks so natural on me
♥ Peripera has so many color options for this water tint type so you can choose the one which looks great on you
♥ Affordable price (I got mine for IDR69.000)
♥ Easy to spread onto the lips. Even easier than putting tony tint one. Because peripera's tint doesn't dry as fast as tony tint.

♥ Drying my lips, seems like it officially becomes lip tint's issue. Not only for peripera actually. Putting lip balm before is a must thing to do
♥ The taste is weird, kinda bitter
♥ Staying power is just so so (around 3 hours)


Of course! I wanna try another colors. Besides that I'm still curious about peripera's milk tint. The way I see it, Peripera has great lip products. Worthy to try.

Okay, I think that's all for this review
Wish it can help you all
Thanks so much for reading my post
I'll see ya all on my next post

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  1. where did you order it from? I've been looking for this <3

    1. Just send me an email, and I'll tell you by email directly Tiara... Okay?


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