Wednesday, March 13, 2013

. . . Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask Rice . . .

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Well, for today I'd like to post a review about The Face Shop Real Nature Mask - Rice. The reason why I chose a rice type because this is a recommended mask to soften and brighten dull and rough skin. I couldn't resist myself to give this mask a try

♥ Description: ♥
An exfoliating/complexion improvement mask sheet to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin.

Soften the keratin and brighten the skin tone. Enriched with rice extract, its natural ingredient can remove the impurities of the skin and cleanse the skin. With rich minerals, Vitamins, it can moisten, regenerate the skin with anti-aging elements. This mask not only can moisten and whiten skin, but also tighten the pores, remove fine lines and spots.

♥ Direction: ♥
Apply toner after cleansing. Take out and unfold the mask sheet and apply onto face. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and take off. Massage excess serum until fully absorbed
I personally always put the sheet mask in the refrigerator for an hour before using it. The cool sensation gives a big help in dealing with my tired skin.

♥ Conclusions: ♥

♥ Affordable price (I got mine IDR20.350 at the official store of the face shop)
♥ No sticky feeling
♥ Doing a great job in moisturizing and brightening my skin. When I woke up in the morning, my skin looked so fresh and little bit glowing in healthy way (although it's just temporary result, but I was quite satisfied)
♥ Nice scent

♥ This mask sheet shape is too big for my face


Yup! I will

Anyway, thanks for reading my review..
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

I'll see you all soon on my next post

7 komentar:

  1. wah kayaknya enak tuh, udah lama gak maskeran, jd pengen nyoba xD

  2. Shani,
    Yup, aku rekomen bener masker ini shan..

  3. Hey sweet :)

    nice post. i really like your blog and your picture.

    maybe you want to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin ?

    i would be very happy :)

    lovely greetings, lucia

  4. Lucia,
    Hi lucia!
    I'm gonna visit your blog soon.
    Thanks for dropping by here ^_^

  5. Looks like another product to rave on!

    btw, I nominated you as a Versatile Blogger :D

    1. Thanks dear for the award ^_^
      will check your blog asap

  6. Really cute website ^^
    It will be the sweetest thing ever if you check out my new blog ^^


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