Wednesday, March 6, 2013

. . . Review: The Face Shop Daily Beautytools Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff . . .

Hello everyone!
Well, for today's post I'm gonna make a review post about my latest favorite cleansing puff from The Face Shop, Daily Beautytools Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff.

I visited The Face Shop Store in one of mall here in Palembang a few weeks ago. Actually I just wanted to explore the store silently without planning to purchase anything. Until I saw something familiar was hanging on the wall at beauty tools corner,
"Is that konjac sponge?".
OMG, I didn't have any idea that the face shop has launched their own konjac sponge. Actually, I'm gonna purchase konjac sponge from another brand next month (considering my money inside my purse), I just completely forgot about that plan after seeing the face shop's konjac sponge there. That's why I purchased the face shop' konjac

♥ Descriptions ♥
This cleansing puff made with 100% all natural vegetable fiber konjac contains 10% natural bamboo charcoal removes skin impurities.

♥ Excellent absorptive power of bamboo charcoal removes skin impurities, deep cleanses pore and keeps the skin fully moisturized.
♥ Naturally antiseptic, bamboo charcoal suppresses germs and molds to keep cleansing puff remain clean during use
♥ A naturally purified 100% vegetable fiber, it is ideal for sensitive skin and gently exfoliates your skin bringing the natural shine
♥ Water drop shape is easy to handle and easy to reach all areas of the face

♥ Directions ♥
♥ When dry, soak the cleansing puff in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes.
♥ Spread facial cleanser over face or directly onto the cleansing puff and gently massage over skin in circling motion.
♥ After using, rinse the cleansing puff with water and store it well ventilated place or keep it refrigerated for next use.
♥ Discard after using 2-3 months or after the cleansing puff is broken.

♥ Conclusions ♥

♥ Great in removing skin impurities
♥ Easy to get it here in my city palembang
♥ Affordable price (I got mine IDR73.000 at the official The Face Shop Store)
♥ Agree with the claim "gently exfoliates your skin bringing the natural shine". Find my skin glowing after using it

♥ Having short shelf-life (only 2-3 months), even shorter if we compare with another konjac sponge brand which has longer shelf-life (around 6 months)


Yes, I'm gonna keep using this typical konjac sponge as my cleansing tool. But, seems like I'll purchase the konjac sponge from another brand.

Anyway, thanks for reading my review..
Wish this post will be something useful and helpful to you all

I'll see you all soon on my next post

2 komentar:

  1. I saw this one too on TFS counter at Jogjakarta and was holding back the urge to buy it! #LOL
    I've tried the Charcoal Type from Nature Republic and it only last for about 6 weeks :(

  2. Sekar,
    Really? 6 weeks? Unfortunately that's kinda Bad deal for purchasing that one :(
    Better to have This TFS's sponge a try then.

    Sebenernya aku penasaran sama konjac sponge yang banyak direview sama anak2 IBB tempo dulu.. apalagi bisa tahan 6 bulan ^_^


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