Friday, February 1, 2013

. . . Review: Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation in #01 Fair . . .

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I'm back again with my latest makeup product review. It's time for Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation.

So, let's check this out!

I believe that some of you maybe think why I chose bravely to purchase this typical pressed powder since I have acne prone skin, right?. Well, honestly at that time, I suffered from major breakouts due to stress (Thesis Deadline!). But, I needed to attend LBPP Lia's graduation party event. I wasn't really confidence at all to go at that time because of the breakouts. So the only choice was to build up the coverage. That was meant that I was not wearing my daily natural makeup as usual with BB cream and loose powder only. *sigh. That's why I needed pressed powder or compact powder to give more coverage.

The only thing that came up in my mind at that time that I didn't have so much time to order online. So I went to Palembang Square Mall or PSX Mall in order to purchase the powder. At that time, I thought to buy maybelline or silkygirl one. But, I chose to have a look first at silkygirl counter. The SA advised me to try this Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation, considering I have oily skin. I checked the ingredients first, wow.. so many Paraben things. But, since I didn't want to go to another counters, I chose to buy it. Wish that everything would be alright. That's the only thing on my mind.


after 6 hours (starting 8am - until 2pm), you can see some acne on my face right?..
Poor me!

♥ Affordable price (I got mine for IDR35.000)
♥ Easily to get here in Palembang
♥ Medium coverage, you can still build up the coverage by using primer and foundation. I put BB cream only before this powder, and the coverage is good enough to cover my blemish
♥ Fragrance free
♥ The shade (01 Fair) is natural on me
♥ Big mirror inside

♥ No Shine-free, considering I have very oily skin
♥ Breaking me out
♥ Cakey
♥ Paraben things are every where, you got what I mean right?


I don't think I will

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Anyway gals, I hope this review can be something helpful and useful for you all. I'll see you all soon.

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