Wednesday, February 27, 2013

. . . Review: The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 05 Peach Cushion . . .

I'm back again..
Now is the time for blusher review, gals..
Well, I'm still a beginner in the makeup world, I never thought before to put blusher on my face. I didn't want to look so-completely-having makeup face, still didn't have enough confidence you know. But, whenever I saw someone out there on the street having a fresh look just by putting powder and blusher on their face, they completely looked so fresh and pretty, That's why I felt so tempted to try it out.

Blusher on our face is about How smart we put it on our face. If we're still amateur (beginner like me), we need to learn how to put it well so that our face doesn't look like a CLOWN. But, when we've already become an expert, blusher is gonna be our saviour ever whenever we want to look fresh instantly. That's why I choose to try having blusher on my face from now on. 
I chose to purchase my first ever blusher, The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 05 Peach Cushion, last month. Why I chose this one. Because of the word "Pastel" (like my blog name..?Lol. of course nope.). Pastel describes that the color is not so pigmented, I'm still not confidence at all to try the pigmented color, So I tried this one which is not so pigmented for the first time using.

♥ Packaging ♥

So cute right?.. I second that. But, who knows that the container is made from cardboard. I got a "cheap" feeling toward this product after knowing that fact.. unfortunately..

This product must be used within 24 months only after opening

♥ Texture ♥
Powdery, chalky, matte.. I can describe it as a tinted powder with matte finish. Lol
Then, it comes with cute puff inside. Travel friendly and we don't need to bring an extra brush to apply this blusher. It's pointed as "A Plus".

♥ Color ♥
Fresh peach color that I love the most about this blusher. But it's not pigmented.
For me it's a pro, but for some people it could be con.
And then, I realized that this blusher was not a typical camera's eye catching product. So hard to take a picture with camera to show you all how the product was on me. But actually, the fact that the blusher was kinda pigmented and nice if you see it directly in the real life. Remember that it's a PASTEL-BLUSHER after all.

♥ On me ♥

I tried my best in taking some pictures so I could find a picture which could show you how the blusher was on me. But unfortunately, like I said before, the blusher itself is not that visible on the picture right?


♥ The color is not so pigmented (nice option for a beginner who wants to try putting blusher for the first time but doesn't have enough confidence at first)
♥ Affordable price (I got mine for IDR58.000)
♥ Comes with puff inside
♥ Travel friendly container
♥ Having cute color packaging
♥ Powdery blusher type is a good option for the one who has oily skin type like me

♥ Not so long lasting (around 3 hours)
♥ Hard to build up the color
♥ Cheap container *slap*


Not sure, still wanna try another blusher product ^_^

Well, thanks so much for reading my review
Wish this review will be something useful and helpful to you all

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  1. I think the cardboard packaging is because then it'll be recyclable and good for the environment,I think TheFaceShop targets at recycling and keeping the environment clean and stuff.Hope that helps you feel better towards the packaging :p


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