Saturday, January 12, 2013

. . . Review: Tonymoly Mini Tony Tint #1 Cherry Pink . . .

Hola everyone.. I'm back again...
well, for today's post I'd like to post about a review from tonymoly product, Tony Tint #1 Cherry Pink. This one is my currently favorite lip tint so far. I bought the mini size one instead of the full size in order to try it first whether this lip tint was suitable on me or not. C'mon check this lip tint out first, gals...

Anyway, Ullzang fever is every where.. You can find so many tutorials about ulzzang makeup easily, like ulzzang eye's makeup tutorial, ulzzang lip's makeup tutorial, How to be ulzzang, etc. Just ask one of our best friends,, you'll find out by yourself.
And as we know that one of ulzzang secret's weapon wanna be is LIP TINT. Since as far as I know, this lip tint product from tonymoly is pretty popular, that's why I bought this one. Well, I've already bought this lip tint since april last year and used it since then, so it's the right time to make a full review about this actually.

OMG! So mini...cute huh? ^_^
This liptint is one of my "permanent guest" in my makeup pouch, I always bring this one all day long when I go outside. Can't let myself to leave it alone at home. Because this stuff will always successfully make my dull face becomes fresh instantly when I don't have enough time to touch up my makeup.

It can be used as blusher also, but until now I'm not even dare to try myself to put this tint on my face, I'm too scare to do it. I'm afraid it will look weird on me.

this lip tint is very pigmented, it could be something good or bad. The good thing is we only need a little amount to redden our lips. On the other hand, we need to be careful when putting on your lips, or it'll turn your lips into "pretty weird pink reddish" lips which is that part is something that I hate the most about this product. That's why I always put Silkygirl Moisture Gloss in Barely Nude after this. Because this lip gloss can reduce the strong color of this lip tint, so it will create natural look instead.

Swatch on my lips:

(Maybelline Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm + Tony tint)


♥ Cheap (I got mine for IDR 17.000)
♥ Very pigmented
♥ The watery texture of this lip tint makes so easy to dab on my lips
♥ Easy to build up the color
♥ Multifunction (can be used as blusher)

♥ Need to be careful when putting this on
♥ The taste is weird, kinda bitter
♥ Staying power is just so so (around 3 hours)
♥ Drying my lips, putting lip balm before is a must


Nope, I wanna try the orange lip tint, from peripera one maybe

Well, I think that's all. Hope you all enjoy reading this post. Thanks so much for reading and visiting. See ya soon.

4 komentar:

  1. for orange lip tint, I recommend you Etude House Dear Darling Tint, Mi!

    Hehe, I love it sooo much I even put it on my 2012 favorites :p

    anyway, it's orange red, not really orange, but that's why I love it :p

  2. Tia,
    okay..okay...thanks recommend nya ^_^
    lagi into orange color nih.. jd asal ada orange dikit aja hayookkk...hihihi

  3. mirip kayak punya q yg odbo tapi yg warna merah, u can see at here :
    wah punya mu murah mriah bgt tuh, pengen nyoba juga >,<

  4. Hatta Shani,
    Makasih banyak udah mampir dan dropping comment disini ya dear..
    I've followed back your blog by the way...
    salam kenal ya...


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