Wednesday, December 12, 2012

. . . Review: Pixy Bright Matte Purifying Cleansing Express . . .

Okay, for today's post I'd like to review about one of my current favorite makeup remover, Pixy Bright Matte Purifying Cleansing Express.

How does it work???



*Not pricey at all (I got mine around IDR 15.000. For 150ml size, it's quite cheap)
*It does a great job in cleansing my face
*Containing Vitamin C and Witch Hazel, I love these ingredients..
*Easy to get in Indonesia

*I hate the sticky feeling after using this product on my face, I can't skip my facial wash routine after this
*It claims that the product free from alcohol, but I'm not sure about this actually
*Containing Methylparaben (I believe there are some of you who hate everything related to paraben issue)

Seems like YES, still I like this product after all


I know, sometimes We're so lazy to take off everything what We've put to our face every morning (makeup). Eventhough we all have already known that it's not a good idea. It will only worsen our skin condition. But still, no offense! LAZINESS is the worst friend ever. That's why sometimes we need something what is called as Cleansing Express Product in our makeup pouch as our savior at unpredictable timing. It's worthy to try.

Okay, I think that's all for today's post. Thanks for reading,dear..

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