Friday, December 21, 2012

. . . Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment . . .

I'm back again... Now, I'd like to post about Silk Scarf Hair Treatment from Etude House. Silk Scarf is the Hair Care Line.
Have you guys ever dyed your hair with Bubble Hair Coloring product from etude house?
If your answer is yes, then I believe that you are familiar with this product. Cz this hair treatment is included in the Bubble Hair Coloring set..

Specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent, this highly concentrated treatment restores and reinforces brittle and damaged hair, preventing future breakage and leaving your hair extraordinarily strong, soft, silky, and manageable

Use once or twice a week. Massage into hair and comb through evenly with fingers. Let treatment work for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly


Fyi, I have kinda bad hair actually, I was enough with bad hair days ever. That's why I was trying to find out the solution to overcome this problem. I wear hijab everyday, sometimes I forgot to give an extra attention to my hair. When I came back to home, took off the hijab, I finally realized that I need to cure my hair asap.

I dyed my hair 2 months ago. And I felt like my hair need to be cared more than usual since then. Since I dyed it with Etude House product, so I thought the solution might be from etude house. And then when I visited Etude House's official store here in palembang, I saw their silk scarf hair line and the SA advised me to use this hair treatment according to the problem that I told her. And then, I chose to give a try. Beside that, I remembered the first time using this hair treatment when I dyed my hair and I loved the result after using this..
Conclusion after using for 1 month:


♥ Doing a great job in softening my hair.
♥ Affordable price (I got mine IDR 73.000 at the official store of etude house for 200ml size).
♥ Making my hair pretty manageable instantly even after the first time using
♥ The smell of this product is so good. I like it.

♥ The softening effect is not so long lasting, not more than 2 days.
♥ Not helping at all in curing my dry hair that I got after dying my hair. But, maybe because I'm not using the full range products from this line. Since I put hair vitamin after this product (from another brand), and it's completely settled the dry hair problem, so it's not a big deal at all.
♥ The texture of this product is pretty runny, the product can be easily come out from the tube. So it can make the flip top is kinda messy when you open it.


YES, it's nice products after all.

Well, thanks for reading my review anyway

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  1. Nice post ^^
    Aku jd pengen coba'in..
    74 ribu itu harga member di counter ato hrga biasa?

    Anw, visit my blog and follow back me yaa

  2. Nice post ^^
    Aku jd pengen coba'in..
    74 ribu itu harga member di counter ato hrga biasa?
    (kalo hrga member kan disc 20 %)

    Anw, visit my blog and follow back me yaa

  3. Mei mei.,,, thx for dropping comment here.
    sorry tadi baru ngecek faktur.. ralat jeng.. harganya 73ribu.. hihihi
    Aku bukan member etude house kok dear.. harga normal itu..

    btw, just followed your blog ya...

  4. Okeeee thx info nya ya sis :D
    I wanna try, hehehe rambutku susah diatur :(

  5. Sama2 dear..
    jangan lupa post ya kalo udah pake..
    ditunggu reviewnya mei...

  6. Aaaa... Aku keracunan ini lohh... Akhirnya jadi beliii.. :p So nice di rambutku :D

  7. Sabrina,
    Asikkkk... ternyata cocok juga di kamu ya dear....
    Ayo mau liat gimana rambut kamu sab stelah pake nya ^_^


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