Friday, December 14, 2012

. . . Review: Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm in #5 Guava . . .

Hola... today's post is gonna about the limited edition product from Etude House, Shini Star Lip Balm in #5 Guava.. Okay, I know I'm sooooo late to talk about this product. So yesterday,huh?
But honestly, I've already had this since march 2012. Unfortunately, at that time I was still in my hiatus period from the blogging world. That's why, I post this right now.

At that time, I was looking for the tinted lip balm to cure my need to be helped as soon as possible dry lips. And I found about this limited edition of lip balm which there's signature of SHinee's members in it as Etude House's Ambassador for this line. Well, I know that.. it's the lamest reason ever. But I was so tempted about this product. And successfully end up buying this. *sigh

Well, You almost can see clearly right, the signature of Shinee's TAEMIN. Believe it or not, it gives me more power to dig it more and more.. LOL
I use this lip balm for my night routine, I never dare to sleep before applying this lip balm. It helps a lot my lips to be prepared for applying lipstick the next morning. My lips felt so supple and moist now. Well, I'm not saying that this lip balm is magical, cz I still use another lip balm from another brand in the day (colorless one) as the way preventing dry lips on me. I can say that, the combination of these lip balm products that I used successfully helping me to stay away from dry lips. Congrats!.. hohoho *proud laugh

FYI, The more I apply the lip balm, the more pinkish color that I got.



♥ It does a great job in moisturizing my dry lips. The moisture effect lasted about 2 hours.
♥ The flavor of this lip balm is not like guava at all. It is more like bubble gum. But, I Loooovveeee that fact..
♥ Affordable price (I got mine for IDR 64.000 (ready stock), depends on where you buy it).
♥ The packaging, damn cute... Too cute to be ignored. Look so fancy in our makeup pouch.
♥ Nice tinted color, if I'm not in the mood putting lipstick, I'm gonna put this lip balm as the alternative. And I love that it looks so natural on my lips

♥ I hate the sticky feeling, that's why I use this product in the night.
♥ Easily melted. Don't dare to leave this lip balm in your car in summer's day. You'll regret this forever.

Not sure, since it's the limited edition. I'm not sure that this product still available when I want to repurchase again.


Okay, I think that's all for today's post. Thanks for reading.

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog :D
    i like the color ^^ taemiiiinnnn's signature!

  2. Xiao Vee, thx for visiting and dropping comment dear..
    I know rite, The color is so tempted..

  3. waaaa <3 love it,dear

    anyway I just nominated you for Liebster Award
    check this out

    keep it up <3

  4. Melia, tararengkyu dear...
    maksih juga udah mampir ^_^


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