Wednesday, December 12, 2012

. . . Review: Etude House I need You, Pearl Extract! Mask Sheet . . .

Hello gals, I'm back with another review. This time I'd like to review a sheet mask from Etude House, I need You, Pearl Extract! Mask Sheet, which is claimed to promote natural skin glow. Sounds promising!

Having mask now becomes my must have routine every twice a week. I need to stay all night long to finish my thesis in order to finish my study in Faculty of computer science to get my bachelor's degree as soon as possible. It means that this habit can worsen my skin condition because of stress. And sheet mask is my best option to be used regularly. Besides that, it is so practical.

Why did I choose the sheet mask which is contained pearl extract?
Stress is only make our skin will look so dull, worse one. So I need something to promote glowing skin and also brightening skin. When I visited Etude House's Official store here in Palembang, I was interested in this mask, so I bought it.

How does this sheet mask work?


♥ It does A GREAT job in glowing and brightening my skin even in my first time using, no more dull skin!
♥ Affordable Price (I got mine IDR 28.000 at the Etude House's official Store)

♥ Sticky feeling after using this. The essence of this sheet mask is hard to absorb. So, I prefer to have this sheet mask before going to sleep. The next morning I can feel my skin look so fresh. No more sticky feeling
♥ Itchy feeling on my nose area.

Yes, Yes, Yes

Thanks so much for reading my post anyway
I'll see you all soon on my next post

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