Thursday, November 22, 2012

. . . Review: Dolly Wink Otana Liquid Eyeliner in Black . . .

Finally, I got the latest liquid eyeliner product from Dolly Wink in black with new packaging... I’m so into eyeliner product actually, Thx to one of my campus friend who introduced me to eyeliner. Now, I’m obsessed with everything related to eyeliner. Gel, Pencil, Pen, even the Liquid one, I have tried them all. Hohoho *Evil Laugh...

Dolly wink is the cosmetic brand from Japan. It’s popular for their False EyeLashes product. But I was dying to try their liquid eyeliner product because as we know that their liquid eyeliner product have already had an amazing reputation as the best eyeliner ever. Even has high rating in Since this product is one of my current wish list product, so I challenged myself to buy it from one of dolly wink official distibutor in Indonesia. I know that it’s expensive but since they are having promotion now, getting 25% discount when purchasing their product, so I didn’t need to think twice to purchase it. And here it is....

The packaging is so kawaii.. adorable.. simple but still cute, the combination of pink color with purple flower. And also so travel friendly, I mean you can bring it all a long in your makeup pouch, so you can fix your eyeliner makeup every time you want.

Swatch cap

The black color of dolly wink liquid eyeliner is so intense. So pigmented. Pretty satisfied.

What about the staying power?
Well, I have oily skin.. and I tried to wear it in two days in row.
The First day is WITHOUT primer on my eyes and it turned out the color was fade away when I did wudhu before praying. But that’s okay, I just need to fix it then fine.

The Second day is WITH primer on my eyes and it turned out the color was still fade away a little, but not as bad as when applying without base. Still tolerable. I will show you how was going on? But remember that my hand is not oily like my eyelid. So it won’t explain exactly clearly like what happened on my eyelid that day.

the last one happened when I rub it..


 The black color is so intense (I love how it looks like on my eyelid)
 The product is easy to use even for the beginner
 Travel friendly
 Easy to be removed (So we don’t need to rub it harshly)

 So expensive (IDR 198.900, but you can get 25% discount if you buy it now until December if I’m not mistaken)
 Non Smudge-proof
 Non Sweat-proof
 Non Waterproof

Yes, I finally found the exactly liquid eyeliner that I was looking for. But if someday I find out the alternative liquid eyeliner like this one but with the “peaceful” price, seems like I will make a move.hihihi

By the way, I got this brochure also when purchasing it.
They’re the other products form dolly wink, check them out!
Okay gals, I think that’s all for now.. thanks so much for reading ^_^

P.S So sorry for the bad picture results, blame the bad lighting and bad photo editor application actually.
Long story just happened to my notebook (-_-) so I can't use my usual photo editor.

One of my friend told me that this liquid eyeliner didn't work well also on her non oily eyelid, so I changed the Waterproof in Pros to Non Waterproof in Cons. And I also reduced the rating from 4.4 to 4.2. Well, the result can be different to everyone anyway. Let me know, if this liquid eyeliner works well on you.

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  1. wuahhh cantiiik ..
    aq jadi ikut keracunan ..awwwww >,,,<

  2. Hatta shani, Saya sukses meracuni anda sodari ^_^ hohoho *evil laugh*


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