Saturday, November 10, 2012

. . . Review: PAC Matte Lipstick in Tender Peach . . .

Since the past 4 months, I have been obsessed with peach, coral, and orange color of lipstick until now. The way I see it, these colors will give youthful image to someone who wears them.

I do agree that Korean cosmetics are great in producing lipstick shades. Like nude, pink, peach, coral, orange, red and many more. Their lipstick colors are the cutest ever in my opinion. That's why I prefer to buy lipstick from Korean brand. But unfortunately It's so hard for me to get it since I need to buy it online. I used to try first on my lips before buying it just to make sure it would look fine on me. Well, actually I've found A peach lipstick which was really good on me, That was from Tonymoly the limited edition of kiss lover lipstick line in PC02 Tiara Peach shade. I got so many compliments when wearing that lipstick,but unfortunately the staying power of that lipstick was so suck. Just for one hour, and if I wanted to reapply I need to clean my lips as clean as possible so the lipstick would look good on me again. Such a waste right?

So I tried to find the alternative by searching the peach, coral, and orange lipstick from the local brand here in Indonesia. And coincidentally found it. That was from PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) brand of Martha Tilaar, one of Indonesia's local brand.

The packaging is so boorriinngggg... Looks too "Professional" right?
Well, you can see that the color is not so peach at all. I hesitated a little before buying it actually,but Thanks God they had a tester so I could try it first. And I love the result.

•Looks so natural on my lips
•Easy to get in Indonesia
•Not giving A "Heavy" feeling on my lips
•Affordable (around IDR 77.000)

•Kinda hard to apply without putting lip balm first
•Doesn't contain SPF
•Not so long lasting (around 3 hours)
•Doesn't have so many shade options
•Makes my lips felt chapped sometimes

Not sure, still wanna find the other lipsticks which look more peach, orange, or coral on my lips


Okay, I think that's all for today's post
I hope it will be something helpful and useful to you all
I'll see you all soon on my next post

6 komentar:

  1. warnanya cakep, btw salam kenal ya. aku juga blogger dari Palembang, cuma jarang update lol :D

  2. Mutiara, thx udh mampir ya dear..
    salam kenal juga.. panggil aja aku tami..
    kayaknya kapan2 anak2 beauty blogger palembang kudu ngadain gathering nih.. kan seru tuh,, nambah temennya ga cuma di dunia maya ^_^

  3. Kalo mau yg orange-ish gitu coba lipen sariayu #2 toba deh.bagus, ckup terjangkau&ga bikin bibir kering :3 loooove deh. Kbtulan aku jg sk bibir yg orange& peachy pink gitu :)

  4. Raisa,
    Sariayu #2 toba ya.. boleh deh rekomen nya (asik ketemu temen yang sama selera). ntar bakal di ceki-ceki pas maen ke konter nya..
    Habis.. brasa muda aja kalo bibir rada orange peachy gitu menurutku.. hihihi

  5. bagus di bibirmu tami, kesannya natural bgt, tp ngliat hargax aga pricey ya, hehehe

  6. Shani,
    Makasih shani..hehe
    ho'oh pricey..walopun suka, tp ga yakin bakal repurchase.. makanya ini lagi cari2 alternatif ganti nya..


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