Tuesday, September 4, 2012

. . . REVIEW: Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF 25/PA++ in #2 Natural Green. . .

Voila… My latest BB cream from Lioele...

The combinations of Blemish Balm + Vitamin Care + Makeup Base. Complete!
Actually, I’ve kept an eye on this BB Cream from a long time ago, but I didn’t have any courage to try it out.
Why? Because…

First, It has so many paraben things in it (Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Butylparaben). As we know, there were so many controversies related to paraben, and they alerted me to choose any products for me wisely. But I believe,the content of paraben in this product is not that much (considering they were placed at the end of the ingredients list).

Second, the price is so “something” to spend only for 30gr of BB Cream.

But, what can I say? This BB cream is unique. Not like the another bb creams, this bb cream comes out as white cream with a green tint, after you rub it all on your face, the color change to natural beige (match to your skin tone). As we know that the green color is supposed to help concealing the redness on your face. You can also choose the another color of this bb cream, the #1 Gorgeous Purple for evening out your skin tone. the purple color is so good in correcting your skin tone. For you guys who don’t have any acne scars, dark spots, or any problem on your skin which were needed to be hidden, better for you to choose no #1 Gorgeous Purple.

Besides that, you can also find so many reviews about this product on the internet. I googled personally before buying this bb cream and what I’ve found, there were so many makeup gurus on youtube have recommended this product. They used this bb cream for their tutorials. I could find only good reviews about this bb cream. To sum up, these reasons were good enough to make me so curious to try it out.

Well for some persons, this bb cream will give matte finish because the oil control is good. But, unfortunately it doesn’t happen to me. I don’t know the problem is because of my skin is too oily too handle or what.

It can be happened because of my night cream from my dermatologist makes my oily skin becomes worse. Since I don’t have any choices because I have trouble skin, so I still can’t change my night regime to another product which is good in controlling oil on my face. As the result, the oil control of this bb cream works for 3 hours only and it will give dewy finish to me instead of matte finish. But, the good thing is this Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream doesn't make my face looks oilier than usual like when I put another bb creams which I’ve tried so far.
The packaging is damn cute! The elegant princess packaging, so lovely..

With pump, so it must be hygienic. But unfortunately, the pump didn’t work well at the first, I kept pressing the pump, and voila…
As the result, the cream was spread out to my t-shirt, but that’s okay because it could be cleansed well. So guys, please be careful.

• So practical (Blemish Balm + Vitamin Care + Makeup Base in one product)
• The shade match well to my skin tone
• It has SPF
• Not giving me any breakouts and any zits so far
• Concealing my redness well, not too impressive, but good enough
• The oil control is better than my previous bb cream. I only need to blot my oil face once. (No more greasy look, here welcome healthy shiny look)
• In my opinion the scent reminds me of green tea (The smell is sooooo gooood and fresh)
• Worthy to try

• Pricey (Range IDR 189.000-IDR 245.000 at online shops and IDR 275.000 at The Official Lioele Counter)

Repurchase: YES! Although it means that I need to save more in order to buy it again. Well, maybe until I meet another bb cream as practical as Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream but better in oil control, SPF, coverage, and the price is not gonna kill me, I will keep using this bb cream ^_^

Rating: 4.2/5

FYI: So sorry for the bad results in capturing these pictures -_-

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  1. waa aku juga pengen yang ini.. tapi mahal banget yak >.< lagi nabung nih

  2. @Hana
    ho'oh han, mahal... tp worth to try sih.. cuma kadang suka clog pore.. bersihinnya kudu ekstra kerja keras..


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