Monday, August 27, 2012

. . . REVIEW: Etude House MiniMe Perfumed Hair and Body Mist in Ms.Twinkle . . .

Last Saturday, when I went hangout with my sisters and cousins to one of Mall in Palembang, I coincidentally visited the official counter of Etude House there. Since I didn’t have any plan to buy anything there, purely just for sightseeing, I explored the whole store without any doubt.
At that moment, There was one purple thing that caught my eyes directly..
YES, that was “MiniMe Perfumed Hair and Body Mist in Ms.Twinkle (Blueberry)”

Description: “Say Yes Yes!” A sweet berry and floral scented fragrance supplies a romantic and effeminate sensation when sprayed. This fragrance inspires a romantic proposal of commitment.

As you can see, What an adorable packaging ever! It’s too cute to be ignored. Besides that, you can use the container as a decoration after you’ve finished it.
This is Hair and body perfumed mist, from the name we can conclude that, this perfumed mist can be used for hair and body. But, unfortunately,since this perfumed mist contains alcohol, I never think to use it to my hair.

According to, it has refreshing scent reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Since, I never know how the scent of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is, So I don’t have any idea either.
A bottle of this perfumed mist contains 100ml and will expire after 36 months after opening.

• Adorable Packaging
• Lovely scent

• Not so long lasting (2-3hours)
• Kinda pricey (IDR 138.000 at The Official Etude House Counter)

Repurchase: YES! Cause I never think to get tired of the scent ever ^_^

Rating: 3.8/5

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  1. Wah aku pengen banget coba ini parfum line, kalo di calculate harga per ml nya murah lho Rp 1,380 compared to parfum yang refill dijalan per ml Rp 1,500 mungkin karna belinya sekali banyak jadi agak terkesan mahal yak? Hihi

    1. Iya,makanya kesannya mahal. Padahal kalo diitung kayak gitu mayan murah kesannya, belum lagi packagingnya "kawaii" habis..


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