Monday, December 13, 2010

. . . December'10 Haul . . .

Hola! Long time no write anything on my blog.. woaahhh.. miss this activity so bad… you know what, my time was full of campus’s assignments.. they made me going crazy!! Arggghhhh… pardon me..
Well, just forget about the assignments first, this time I would like to write about my new hobby, what is it?.. I’ll give you the hint, it’s about “Haul”….

Hmmmm…. Haul??
(What do you mean?? Stop being so fishy,dude…) *lol

Okay, actually last couple weeks I was sick, chicken spot, or people in Indonesia call it as “cacar”.. that’s my terrible weeks ever,.So, I killed my boring time in my lovey dovey bedroom with browsing internet, I do hate being useless, lied on the bed without doing anything, ouch… that’s nightmare!, beside that, my mind was so full about what would happen to my face, hand, and body later. I would have so many spot or scar because of this. “Oh God… I have to find out something to cure my skin from this chicken spot!”, I said. So, I browsed about skin care which can help me out. And then, I found out many good online stores which are selling many good skin cares.

I interested in BB Cream. What is BB cream??

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